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When Closed Doors Matter, There’s LifeDoor

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According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) more than half of the home fires in the United States, occurs between 11pm and 7am. In other words, while people are sleeping. This is an alarming statistic that first responders deal with on a nightly basis.

There are some basic fire safety tips that would help in the event of an overnight house fire. Checking your smoke alarm batteries regularly will ensure your family knows when disaster is striking. The other basic thing people can do is close bedroom doors.  It might not seem like that big a deal to you but according to Underwriters Laboratories Fire Safety Research Institute, closing bedroom doors when you go to bed can save lives.

Making sure the door is closed in a fire slows the fire down from coming into the room. It also helps preserve important oxygen for the person in the room. It could make a huge difference.

Alex King of Corpus Christi Texas told ABC News that she survived a fire that killed both of her parents and her brother because her door was closed.

LifeDoor is a fire safety startup created by first responders who have had first hand experience rescuing families from overnight fires.  LifeDoor is a device that can be attached to most doors. When a fire alarm is activated the LifeDoor, automatically closes the door the same way all the doors in your school close automatically during a fire drill.

LifeDoor is a must have for all homes. It will ensure that the bedroom doors in your home close anytime there is a fire emergency. It’s also great for older folks still living in their homes that may forget to close doors at night.

LifeDoor can be found in Eureka Park at CES 2018, booth #51938 and online at lifedoor.io

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