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CES 2018 Preview: The Noso Connected, AI Infused Diffuser Takes Relaxation To The Next Level

noso-diffuser-CES2018-EurekaPark-top CES 2018 Preview: The Noso Connected, AI Infused Diffuser Takes Relaxation To The Next LevelEureka Park Preview: Aromatherapy, Cannabis, Essential Oils, Pharmaceuticals, Noso Is The Diffuser For You.

The Noso Smart Essential Oil Diffuser is the first connected diffuser for essential oils, aromatherapy and more. It’s also the first diffuser that continuously learns about the user and the environment through artificial intelligence to optimize just how much it’s diffusing. What this means for the user is a more pleasurable, relaxing and in some cases, therapeutic experience.

Until now, essential oil users and people who use other aromatherapy products have relied on their gut instinct to tell them the best place to put their diffuser, the best setting to put it on and when it should be diffusing. The problem with most diffusers on the market is they are hit or miss and they only have one or two settings.

For so many people, the diffuser is a legitimate part of their therapeutic experience. I know a handful of people myself who use aromatherapy and essential oils to rid themselves of migraines. Can you imagine trying to fiddle with your diffuser and set it up correctly in the middle of a debilitating migraine?

With the Noso, smart, connected diffuser the guess work is eliminated. Through it’s artificial intelligence and learning your usage and environment Noso can lay the groundwork of the optimum times for use and just how much to diffuse. You can also set it to whatever customization you like using the Noso smartphone app.

Using embedded sensors, internet updates, information from the app, and data from your other connected devices, Noso automatically adjusts it’s operation to the optimum settings for you, and your home.

With the Noso Smart Essential Oil Diffuser you can insert up to five essential oil refills and the machine instantly fills your room with a natural scent, switching fragrances and oils using it’s advanced self learning algorithm. It also ensures you won’t be overpowered by the scents designed to help relax you or make you feel better.  The device is virtually maintenance free. All you have to do is refill the essential oil cartridges.

Noso supplies the essential oil cartridges directly .This means you’ll get the essential oils designed just for the Noso Smart Essential Oil Diffuser. The company wants it’s users to have an optimum experience. With that they hold their essential oils to very high standards, while keeping the cost for refilling at a minimum.

Learn what a difference a Noso Smart Essential Oil Diffuser can make in your life and in your home. Visit them in Eureka Park at CES 2018, January 9-12th in Las Vegas, booth #51932. You can also check them out online at noso.co

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