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Occly Is One Of The Best Personal Safety Devices Ever Created, See It At CES 2018

lifedoor-cesbanner-720 Occly Is One Of The Best Personal Safety Devices Ever Created, See It At CES 2018Eureka Park Preview: Occly’s Next Generation Body Camera Is One Of The Best Personal Safety Devices Today.

occly-security-CES2018-eurekapark-top Occly Is One Of The Best Personal Safety Devices Ever Created, See It At CES 2018

When we think about body cameras we most often think of law enforcement. For the past decade law enforcement agencies across the country have been deploying body cameras for their officers. These cameras provide an extra element of safety and verification for officers that get involved in a variety of risky situations almost daily. We’ve even seen body cameras used to prove an officer’s innocence or guilt in several major incidents.

We never really think about body cameras for civilians. Body cameras are a safety device that could come in handy in a wide variety of ways for private citizens. Private security guards, construction workers, road construction workers, lone workers, runners, cyclists, baby sitters, single moms, business owners doing night drops, people and people walking alone at night are just a few of examples of people who may want the peace of mind a body camera brings. But at the end of the day a body camera is just a body camera.

Chicago startup Occly has made the body camera the center piece of a complete personal safety system. They quickly realized something that most people may not even think about, and that is, that when you actually need to use the body camera you are in some kind of danger or feel unsafe. If you were robbed, assaulted, abducted or even injured, it may benefit you to have some video of this incident but help wouldn’t see the video until after the fact.

“Collecting visual and audio evidence of a harmful incident can help to protect you or punish the perpetrator in court, and that’s important. But how will a typical body camera protect you during the actual incident?” the company says on their website. 

With Occly, the body camera is just the beginning of their personal safety system. They’ve added a fully loaded GPS-enabled 2 way communication system to connect to help. Occly connects to a professional monitoring center that’s manned 24/7. When activated in an emergency the video from Occly is streamed live to the monitoring center along with your exact GPS location. Occly backs this up with automatic text alerts to your emergency contacts and CrowdHelp a public distress notification to those nearby.

Occly gives you the benefits of your home or office security system on your person, whenever and wherever you go. The device features four cameras that can provide up to 280° of still photos and video. In an emergency Occly is activated with two taps to it’s large button. Once activated stills are immediately sent to the cloud and video starts recording and/or streaming depending on your settings. This way, if the device is broken, taken or otherwise compromised, that incidents photos and video are safely stored in the cloud.

The device also features siren alarms and lights that can activate if the user is in danger. It also doubles as a flashlight if you’re going for a night jog or walk or if you need it in an emergency or power outage. The Occly has been hailed as the best personal safety device ever made.

You can check out Occly at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #51634 and visit them online at occlysecurity.com.

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