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ORIHD Is Improving The Personal Air We Breathe, See It At CES 2018

lifedoor-cesbanner-720 ORIHD Is Improving The Personal Air We Breathe, See It At CES 2018Eureka Park Preview: ORIHD Has Created The World’s First Personal Humidifier and Smart Mask

orihd-ces2018-eurekapark-top ORIHD Is Improving The Personal Air We Breathe, See It At CES 2018

According to recent studies nearly half of all Americans are at risk when it comes to air quality.  That’s coming from smog, ragweed, pollen and other air pollution that you can find in almost every city in America. That makes people with respiratory ailments at a greater risk for having health related problems.

When you look across the globe, countries like China have an even worse problem with air pollution. That’s what Kuanze Ma experienced before he left his native Beijing for college life at Northwestern in Chicago (another city with less than par air quality).   ChicagoInno reports that while living in Beijing Ma had difficulty breathing in his own room. His roomates had left the windows open and the smog from nearby factories stifled his already weak respiratory system.

That’s why he and his Chicago startup team, ORIHD are developing the world’s first portable air purifier and connected smart mask. The two part system consists of a small stationary dock that can be used in a dorm room, hotel room, office, bedroom or any small space, and a mask with built in sensors. The dock uses ultraviolet light which sterilizes the inside of the mask. It also doubles as it’s own air purifier. The mask, protects the user from air pollutants and other contamination. The sensors inside the mask tell the user when it needs to be reconnected to the dock for sterilization.

The connected purifier is collecting data about it’s surroundings. This data examines the air quality, composition of gases and other important factors. It’s also using GPS enabled statistics that notate the air quality in other areas. This data is effectively crowd sourcing the air quality around the world. Using ORIHD’s app you can get important statistics about the air you breathe everyday and statistics about the air quality where you may be traveling to.

There are some other air purification products out there that are costing an arm and a leg. Ma told ChicagoInno that he hopes pricing for their two part system would cost around $125 for the dock and $25 for the filters, making it far more affordable.

“Other mask companies are making more high-end, fashionable masks. While we aren’t compromising on design, we want to make our product more affordable because clean air is a universal concern,” Ma said.

The company is working out of the Garage incubator and coworking space in Chicago’s startup hub. They are finishing plans for rolling out their device and have already teamed up with organizations like the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

You can check out ORIHD at CES 2018, in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #52707 (they’ll be the booth where nobody is sick, which is rare at CES) and online at 

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