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Smart Food Storage? Check Out SmarterWare By Ovie

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Food storage has finally met it’s match. When you opened up your refrigerator door this morning did you see stacks of take out containers, Tupperware, and ZipLock containers. Were you scared to look inside? We’re creatures of habit and I know I’m not the only one who leaves food storage containers in the refrigerator basically because I’m scared.

The average American throws away 40% of the food they buy. Americans lose over $2,000 per year in this food waste. The primary reason for food waste, is because we forgot about it in the refrigerator. We may have meant to label the food storage container that has the leftover pot roast, but really, we never actually label them. We have the best intentions in the world, “I’m going to have leftovers tomorrow night” we tell ourselves every day. By the end of the week the fridge is a disorganized mess and a potpourri of food storage containers.

You would think by now that with everything from smart paper towel dispensers, to smart metal detectors, Pyrex, Corning or some company would have come up with smart food storage containers. Well they haven’t.

A Chicago startup called Ovie has created the first connected, smart food storage containers. They call them, Smarterware.

This simple kitchen technology can actually do some really useful things. Like for instance it can tell you exactly what’s inside the container and how long it’s been there. If it’s leftovers you can set a reminder so you remember to eat it or throw it away before it goes bad. With ingredients you can let the Smarterware app know what’s inside the container, when you bought it and what the use by date is.

Smarterware can even offer you recipe ideas for your leftovers or your ingredients. Say you have some left over burgers in one Smarterware container and leftover mashed potatoes in another Smarterware container, their app can suggest a Shepherds Pie.

Smarterware containers are sturdy, food storage containers that have the added connectivity built inside. Ovie plans on shipping Smarterware in time for the 2018 holiday season but if you’re at CES 2018 you can see it this week in Eureka Park, booth #52130. You can also find out more at ovie.life.

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