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Eureka Park Preview: Panion, The New App That’s Going To Fight Lonliness

panion-CES2018-EurekaPark-top Eureka Park Preview: Panion, The New App That's Going To Fight LonlinessCES 2018 Preview: Panion Will Help You Make Friends and Fight Loneliness

You would think with all the technology available today it would be easier to make new friends. That’s actually not true it all. In fact, technology in some ways, and even social media, has made it harder to connect with strangers and become friends.

Taking it down to the granular level, you start out with no one. Everyone is a stranger. Then, as time goes on and you start school, clubs and activities you start connecting with people and making friends. That continues all the way through high school and if you decide to go, through college as well.

After high school or college though, something happens. Friends move away, they start new lives. Those frequent text chats become less frequent. The GroupMe messages start dying off. You’re no longer tagged in snaps. Now, you’re lonely.

Now we aren’t talking about love and romance here, that’s an entirely different scenario. If you’re out of school, and you’ve either moved to a new area or your friends have all moved away, how are you going to make new friends.

This world we live in today with the millennials and the Gen Zers, the social media, the apps, the smartphones and the ear buds make it nearly impossible to connect with people you don’t already know. Think about it for a second, you’re a dude, you hear a couple of dudes at a bar talking about your favorite sports team. You try to join the conversation and they move down the bar, or give you a dirty look.

All of this is further compounded when you move to a new country. You’re isolated and completely alone except for your tiny inner circle. You want to meet people but how.

Several apps have tried to help connect people over common interests. Many of those apps have been dressed up as “business networking apps”, or “meal buddy” apps or whatever the flavor of the month is. What about an app for straight up helping you make friends.

That’s Panion.

Created so that people in foreign countries could instantly connect with people over shared interests, the app that will launch early next year, promises to put a new spin on matching.

Maybe you like playing vintage arcade games? Maybe you like restoring old cars. Perhaps you play guitar? You could be an aspiring photographer. Who wouldn’t like making friends over doing your favorite things.

See twenty years ago it wasn’t weird to just start talking to someone and developing a friendship. Now that same act could be a trigger. You could be dangerous. Most people today stare at their phones all day long so why not try and make friends and get out and do fun things together.

That’s the idea behind Panion.

Panion will be showing off their new app at CES 2018 in Las Vegas January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #52629. You can sign up for updates on their website at

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Nibletz-EurekaPark Eureka Park Preview: Panion, The New App That's Going To Fight Lonliness

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