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CES 2018: PetMio Is Pet Tech Actually Changing Pet and Pet Parents’ Lives

bonaverde-ces-banner CES 2018: PetMio Is Pet Tech Actually Changing Pet and Pet Parents' LivesPetMio Can Help Your Pet Live Better

We saw lot’s of pet startups at CES 2018 in Las Vegas last week. We saw a wide variety of pet wearables and trackers. We even saw robots designed to play with your dog and feed it treats, all while you’re at the office. Some of this new pet tech is fun, for a little while, but after the novelty wears off it’s just that, novelty.

With three dogs and a cat we wanted to find pet tech that was meaningful, pet tech that would truly help improve our pets’ lives. We found a couple of companies that fit that boot and PetMio is definitely one of them.

PetMio is a connected pet wellness system that uses a pet tracker your pet wears around it’s neck along with a connected food bowl. Unlike other pet startups, Pedro Moras and his wife, Veterinarian Arianne Velez made sure to make the connected collar as small and comfortable as possible. As a Veterinarian Velez knew that for their system to be most effective the pet needed to wear the collar everywhere they go. She also knew that those big gaudy collars can get stuck on things and require charging to frequently.

The tracker tracks your pets activity levels, when it’s sleeping, playing, running or resting. These are all important data points for the PetMio system and also data points that can provide valuable insight for veterinarians. You see when you take your pet to the vet all you really know is symptoms, the vet needs to turn into a detective to figure out what’s really wrong. With these data points they are provided with insight.

The bowl is also connected. This provides data to the PetMio system like how much food is being dispensed and when. Also, it can track how quickly your dog is eating their food which is a strong indicator of how hungry they are and if they’re eating too much, or not enough.

With all of this data, PetMio ships your pet their food when they need it. More than that though, they custom blend the food to align with the dogs age, weight and activity level. If your dog is getting older or less active, the formula is automatically changed and you’re notified. You’re also notified if the PetMio system detects that your dog may not be feeling too well, sometimes days or weeks before more acute symptoms would show.

PetMio means you can spend more time loving and playing with your pet and less time worrying about them. Moras tells us that this is just the first step of an entire PetMio ecosystem designed to be the future of pet care. With a seasoned product guy and veterinarian at the help, PetMio has a good shot of fitting that bill.

Find out more about PetMio at PetMio.com

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