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See The Best, and Most Comfortable Gaming Mouse, The RBT At CES 2018

quadraclicks-rbt-ces2018-eurekapark-top See The Best, and Most Comfortable Gaming Mouse, The RBT At CES 2018Eureka Park Preview: The RBT (Rabbit) By QuadraClicks Could Be The Best Mouse Ever Made

Whether you’re a writer, editor, graphic designer or gamer, you sit behind your computer and point and click all day long. Most people don’t realize it, but at the end of just an eight hour work day they’ve done over 5,000 clicks of their mouse.

With most traditional mice, including the likes of the Apple Magic Mouse, you’re resting your hand on the mouse and clicking with your finger tips. Slowly, as the day progresses, you start noticing muscles in your hand starting to hurt. Often times this pain shots all the way up your arm, and depending on your posture and how you move your mouse about, the pain can extend into your elbow or your shoulder. And this is with normal people, not people that suffer from ailments like carpal tunnel.

This pain is stemming from the way you’re holding the mouse and clicking with your fingertips. It’s a similar pain you get when you’re typing all day long. Obviously, with a keyboard you’re finger tips are doing all of the work while your wrists are most likely resting on the edge of your desk, propping up your hands. A quick look down and that’s exactly what’s going on for me right now.

A company called Quadraclicks is in the second year of bringing, what could quite possibly be, the best mouse ever made, to market. After a successful crowdfunding campaign the company is shipping the RBT and plans to show off the latest iteration in Eureka Park at CES.

Their mouse, with signature “right above touch design”, moves the hand into a much more natural and comfortable position. With the RBT, the base of your fingers is doing the work, not your fingertips. Your hand stays more supported, kind of like if you put one of those wristguards under your hands to type.

While it’s great to have a more comfortable mouse, because of it’s unique design, and the way it’s positioning the hand, it’s actually far more effective as well.

Whether you’re making precise audio or video edits, or playing an intense esports game, clicks with the RBT mouse or far more accurate then even $200 “gaming” mice found at Best Buy. This is because, when using the base of your fingers, and having your hand positioned above the mouse, you don’t have the pull back reaction that you do with traditional mice. This virtually eliminates misfires in first person shooters, and ensures that your edits are even more precise.

Quadraclicks is reinventing basic ways of pointing and clicking by moving the action and the force to a more natural position.  It’s more like a natural extension of the hand, rather than a mouse.

See it for yourself at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #52471 and check them out on Facebook here.

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