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CES 2018: Ripple Safety Proves The Size Does Matter

Benjilock-CES-banner-720 CES 2018: Ripple Safety Proves The Size Does MatterRipple’s Personal Safety Device Is Making Waves With It’s Big Protection

They say that size matters, and in the case of Ripple Safety, it matters in a big way. Rees Gillespie and his team at Ripple Safety, have created the world’s smallest personal safety wearable.Ripple is not much bigger than a Scrabble tile. That makes the device discreet and it means that in many cases, no one even knows you’re wearing it.

Ripple works as a modern day panic button that you can put in a pocket, attach to your pants or a shirt sleeve, and even disguise in jewelry. If you have an incident that needs a response you can just click the Ripple one time and a representative from the company’s call center will quickly respond. Imagine if you’re walking across campus by yourself late at night and you get spooked by a noise. You can hit the ripple button and have them call you back. If needed, they’ll even stay on the phone with you to ensure you arrived to your destination safely.If trouble is imminent you can hit the ripple multiple times and the police will be summoned right away.

In a crowded space of connected, personal safety devices Ripple stands out. The services and people that Ripple have set up to support the device are as important as the device itself .

For instance, Ripple is one of the only personal safety companies that has it’s own response team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their staff is trained to stay calm under pressure and talk users through unsafe or emergency situations, the same way a 911 operator would.

Ripple also takes a complete user profile including the users description, height, weight, hair color, eye color etc. It goes beyond that and also take note of the user’s health concerns, are they allergic to bees or diabetic? Finally, Ripple allows users to list emergency contacts that the Ripple response team can contact automatically.

Using humans when the device is activated in an emergency situation gives Ripple a major advantage and could even improve the chances that the user will be saved by wearing the device. Because Ripple is using an actual response team they are able to get and provide context to first responders that most of Ripple’s competitors can not.

For example if Ripple is activated and the user is diabetic and not responsive when the response contacts them, they can provide that information to the 911 center. With other personal safety wearables, emergency contacts only receive a generalized text message which could mean anything.

Check out our interview above with Gillespie and you can find out more and purchase Ripple today at ripplesafety.com 

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ovie-ces-banner-720 CES 2018: Ripple Safety Proves The Size Does Matter

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