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Eureka Park Preview: Roar For Good, Created By Women To Protect Women

roarforgood-CES2018-EurekaPark-top Eureka Park Preview: Roar For Good, Created By Women To Protect WomenRoar For Good’s Athena Personal Safety Device Is Making The World A Better Place

A Philadelphia startup is the future of personal safety, for women, and well just about anyone who finds themselves walking, biking, traveling, riding or doing anything alone.

Yasmine Mustafa is the woman and brains behind Roar For Good, an idea that came to her after a trip abroad. Right before she created Roar, she went on a six month soul searching journey across six countries in South America. While it was a life changing positive experience, she couldn’t stop thinking about how so many women are objectified, victimized, tormented and attacked. She also thought about how those women barely had a voice.

With her wheels turning to do something to help women that are in danger, when she arrived back home there was a brutal rape just feet away from her apartment. At that time she knew she had to create something.

Mustafa joined forces with co-founder Anthony Gold and they went to work on Roar and Athena, their wearable personal safety device. Too many women who suffer through an assault feel it was their fault for some reason or another, this further victimizes them. They also don’t like and are fearful of self defense tools like tasers and handguns. They worry, as many do, that they could be over powered and then the defense tool could be used against them.

Athena is a beacon device that can help anyone in trouble instantly summon help. Athena was designed with style and convenience in mind. The stylish, small, beacon device can fit just about anywhere. It can be worn as a pendant, on a bracelet, attached to a wallet, shirt or the back of a phone. When trouble arrives there’s just one easy step, press the button. After Athena’s button has been pressed the person’s location is shared and help is on the way.

Roar’s Personal Safety App is an app that can stand alone or work in conjunction with the Athena personal safety device. Users simply set their status “Heading home from work”, “taking an Uber”, “walking to the grocery store”. When the user has an active status their contacts can ask them to check in. The user can quickly report when they’ve safely made it to their destination. If trouble should arise they can send out a distress call via the app, or simply press the Athena button.

See Roar For Good and Athena in action at CES 2018, January 9-12th, In Eureka Park, booth #51464 and visit them online at roarforgood.com

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