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The Best Sleep At CES 2018 May Actually Be Low Tech

2Sens-Banner-for-CES-2018 The Best Sleep At CES 2018 May Actually Be Low TechLow Tech Atlanta Startup, Rocking Bed, May Have Been The Best Sleep At CES 2018

Sleep Tech was practically a category all it’s own this year at CES 2018 in Las Vegas last week. There were well over 100 companies offering some kind of technology pertaining to sleeping and sleeping better.

Most of the new fangled sleep technology involves sensors, hubs, wearables and Bluetooth. We even saw face masks and connected stuffed animals, all designed to track your sleeping habits. But what about an actual good nights sleep?

An Atlanta startup called Rockingbed doesn’t have any sensors, masks, stuffed animals, data points or Bluetooth connections, but they very well could offer the best nights sleep out of all the sleep tech at CES 2018.

Mark Russell, a serial entrepreneur in the offline world, created the Rocking Bed. He and his wife went on a cruise and on the cruise he realized that he had the best nights sleep of his adult life on that cruise.

So he went to work trying to figure out how to best emulate the rocking sensation of a bed at sea. The logic is very simple, how do you get a baby to go to sleep? By rocking it of course.  That at sea feeling is what water bed manufacturers were going for in the 70’s and 80’s but never really mastered. But this bed, Rocking Bed, actually gets it.

The Rocking Bed is a variable speed, patent pending, rocking bed frame. It gives a gentle sway back and forth as you drift off to sleep.  A timer brings the bed back to a stationery position after you’ve dozed off. “You wouldn’t want to get up to go to the bathroom and fall off the bed” Russell told us at CES.

Laying on the bed was quite comfortable and knowing that it can be used with your existing mattress and box spring means you can combine the comfort of the mattress you like with the rocking mechanism.

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