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82 Year Old Woman Creates The “Hot Car” Device That Will Actually Work, See It At CES 2018

saveourlovedones-CES2018-EurekaPark-top 82 Year Old Woman Creates The "Hot Car" Device That Will Actually Work, See It At CES 2018Eureka Park Preview: 82 Year Old Florida Woman, Carol Staninger, Finds The Missing Piece In Left Baby Syndrome Technology

Ever Since Georgia man Justin Ross Harris, left his toddler son to die in a hot Atlanta car in the summer of 2014, startups far and wide have been trying to figure out the most effective warning device for what’s become known as “left baby syndrome”.

Since that time over 20 other babies have died or become seriously injured from being left in a hot car. More often than not, there’s no malice involved like the case with Harris. Parents leave their baby in the car and in a hectic wave may forget they’ve done so. Other incidents have been the result of a parent thinking they were running into a business or establishment for just a minute and taking much longer.

While it’s not reported nearly as much, hundreds of dogs die every year from being left out in the hot car as well. Again, many dog owners feel like they’re only going to be a minute, so they crack the window just a tiny bit, hoping that their beloved pet will be ok. Others, just forget the dog is in the car.

Many of the devices created before now were some kind of cross between temperature gauges and pressure plates. There was even one device that plugged into the diagnostic port of newer model vehicles and omitted a loud beep, as a reminder just to check for the baby. An Albuquerque teen entrepreneur created a two part device that used a pad and a keyfob. If the pad got too hot the keyfob omitted a loud noise.

For one reason or another all of this technology had it’s faults. Temperature sensors would often malfunction. Pressure plates would read inaccurately if a baby left toys or stuffed animals in the car seat and countless other reasons.

82 year old Carol Staninger of Winter Haven Florida has created a device called SaveOurLovedOnes that uses a different technology to prevent hot car deaths and injuries in babies, the elderly and animals.

According to multiple reports, Staninger is one of those women who just loves kids and can’t stomach senseless deaths from leaving babies in the car.

“They don’t have a future,” she told the Tampa Bay Times. “They will never grow up.”

To help in her quest to protect young children and animals Staninger thought about astronauts. She figured that monitoring breathing had to be part of the way they were able to monitor an astronauts sleep. Her team quickly created a prototype of a device that senses breathing in the car’s passenger chamber. When there is breathing detected with the car off an alert is sent to a keyfob device and and SOS in Morse Code is played through the car’s horn.

Naturally a device that senses breathing is less likely to malfunction or give off a false positive as other devices that have tried to tackle the same issue. The fact that Staninger is started a new life as an entrepreneur at 82, proves that at any age you can come up with amazing ideas.

You can meet Staninger and see her amazing device at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #51881 and find out more on their website at savedourlovedones.com 

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