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CES 2018: Control Your Digital Information With Dutch Startup Schluss

bonaverde-ces-banner CES 2018: Control Your Digital Information With Dutch Startup SchlussEureka Park Video: Sch1uss CEO Marie-Jose Hoefmans Explains How Her Startup Is Protecting Your Digital Information

Information about you is everywhere on the internet and it’s expected to be. Looking back on our internet lives there is a lot of information that many of us wish we hadn’t shared. It ends up on websites we didn’t even know existed. Then the emails and calls come in from people who are acting on that information to sell us something we don’t really need. Or worse, our information can end up on the dark internet and there it’s a free for all.

Marie-Jose Hoefmans a Dutch entrepreneur is hoping to make a big change in regards to the way people’s personal informatin is shared.

She and her team have created Schluss, a digital safe house that protects all of your personal information that you provide. You can provide financial, legal, health and other personal info and then share it with the appropriate parties when the time is right. With Schluss you are in complete control of your own digital information.

If you go to a website and they need your name, address and phone number you can share it right off of Schluss. The website sees just that information and can quickly apply it to whatever they need it for. But that’s where the buck stops. The information is controlled and can’t be forwarded or added to aggregated lists and sold down the line somewhere. This is something that will easily resonate with internet users across the globe.

When working with doctors offices you can share your EMR data with them and not all of your other information. Again, they can’t share it beyond their own use.

What’s great about Schluss is you can constantly update and scale back your portfolio whenever and however you want to. If you get leery of something you can delete sections of your info or all of your info at once. Schluss is your own digital safe house for you to manage any way you like.

Check out our interview video from CES 2018, Eureka Park, above and for more information visit schluss.org

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