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CES 2018: Say Goodbye To The Mystery Container In The Fridge With Smarterware

petmio-cesbanner CES 2018: Say Goodbye To The Mystery Container In The Fridge With SmarterwareVideo: Ovie’s Smarterware Is The World’s First Smart Food Storage System

When you open the refrigerator door and proudly proclaim that you have nothing in the house to eat, do you find yourself looking at one, two, maybe five mystery containers? For many Americans looking in their fridge is like a game of “Let’s make a deal”.  Statistically speaking Americans waste 40% of the food the purchase for eating at home, every year. That equates to about $2000 in wasted money. The biggest contributor to this waste, the mystery container.

Chicago startup Ovie has created the world’s first connected food storage system called Smarterware. The glass smarterware containers feature a connected smart chip that syncs to the Smarterware mobile app and helps you keep track of what’s in the fridge. When you put food in the container to use later you can update the app and let it know what’s inside.

Once you update the app with what’s in the Smarterware container, it goes out to the internet, to reliable food information sources and knows how long that food can go before it spoils. When you’ve reached the halfway point to spoilage the app reminds you those delicious mashed potatoes are still in the fridge.

Smarterware keeps up with what’s in the entire system. If you have mashed potatoes in one container, chicken in another and corn in yet another, Smarterware can remind you that you have enough food to make a whole dinner.

Smartereware will hit the market later in the year and they plan on offering three different sized containers in one package for under $90 so it’s priced competitive with food storage “dumbware”. You can buy as many containers as you like to keep up with your food. Since the information is all app based, Smarterware will only get smarter in the future.

Check out our video interview above and for more information visit ovie.life.

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