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Eureka Park Preview: The SquareOff Chess Board Will Blow Your Mind

lifedoor-cesbanner-720 Eureka Park Preview: The SquareOff Chess Board Will Blow Your MindSquare Off Uses An Amazing Physical Chess Board To Keep It Real When Distance Playing

squareoff-chess-ces2018-eurekapark-top Eureka Park Preview: The SquareOff Chess Board Will Blow Your Mind

If you were to walk upon someone who was playing Chess against an opponent on the Square Off Chess board you may think you’ve been transported into Hogwarts and stumbled upon a game of Wizards Chess. Let me explain.

Bhavya Gohil and Aatur Mehta and their company Infivention Technologies has created the Square Off Chess Board. This unique board bridges the world of playing chess by mobile app and in real life.

Basically since the launch of the iPhone and Android smartphones there have been games that allow people to play chess against one another using an app. Both people take turns making their moves and the pieces move about on the screen. It’s a fairly simple concept, but it can get mundane and it’s not very authentic.

Gohil and Mehta have created a real, physical chess board. The Square Off chess board is a high end chessboard that can be played completely analog and would look great in anyone’s living room, game room or parlor. The technology, that was three years in the making, brings the board to life in unimaginable ways.

Square Off allows two players to play one another from a distance. Both of the players can have their own Square Off boards or one of them can have one and the other can play using a mobile device. The player who has the Square Off board moves the pieces around the board as they normally would playing in an analog, head to head game. The board is connected to a mobile app and the opponent sees the moves on their device. That’s pretty awesome, but it gets much better.

Through the use of robotics, magnets, Bluetooth and more, as the other player moves their pieces, either on their own Square Off board, or on the app, the physical pieces make corresponding moves on the board itself. The pieces move around like magic without anyone touching them, creating a truly authentic experience for distance players.

If you have a Square Off board and no one to play with their are training modes where you can play the “computer” and the pieces will still move about the board. If you take the board to play in the park people will think you’re playing an invisible person.

Chess hasn’t changed much over the centuries. Square Off is the most exciting change to ever come to the game. Speaking of exciting, when world champion players come together to play chess on a Square Off board, you can watch the moves unfold on your very own board as well.

You can check out this amazing technology at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #51507 and find out more on their Facebook page. 

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CES-nibletz-house-banner-2 Eureka Park Preview: The SquareOff Chess Board Will Blow Your Mind