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Tanoshi Makes Fun Computers For Kids

bonaverde-ces-banner Tanoshi Makes Fun Computers For KidsCES 2018: Tatum Has Fun With Tanoshi and Their Computers Built For Kids

Tanoshi means fun in Japanese. Our 10 year old edtech reporter Tatum, learned that at CES when she stopped by the booth for Tanoshi Kids Computers.

Tanoshi makes computers purpose built for kids. Their flagship model is a 2 in 1 designed with smaller fingers in mind. It’s brilliant 10.1″ HD display doubles as a fully functional Android tablet. Attached or detached from it’s keyboard base, kids can play games, do homework, access e-learning apps and more with the Tanoshi computer.

One of the biggest benefits for families is that kids can have their own accounts with their own apps that parents can control rather than using parent accounts. This means you won’t be scratching your head wondering how you got Animal Jam on your smartphone at work.

Tanoshi’s 2 in 1 also features front and rear facing cameras and it runs Android 7.0 Nougat, giving kids and parents access to millions of apps available on the Google play store. The company preloads a variety of apps and programs just for kids (and parents). One of the best features for parents is an app that allows them to monitor their childs computer and internet usage, while still giving the child a lot of control over how he or she uses the computer.  The click and go parental controls are accessible via mom or dad’s smartphone.

Google docs comes preloaded which means that students can quickly write a paper, do a spreadsheet or even create a presentation without any extra software.

Even though their computers are built for kids, they’re powerful too. The 2 in 1 features 32gb of onboard storage and is expandable via a MicroSD card. It has 2GB RAM which make it zippy enough to handle your child’s workload and the 5000 mah battery means their computer/tablet can go with them wherever they go without worrying about the battery going dead.

Tanoshi even includes ScratchJr the world famous coding app created by the team that built Scratch. With Scratch Jr kids can dive into the world of coding.

Check out Tatum’s interview with Tanoshi above and for more information visit tanoshikidscomputers.com 

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debussy-ces-banner Tanoshi Makes Fun Computers For Kids