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If You Don’t Want To Miss A Thing, Get Roader

Benjilock-CES-banner-720 If You Don't Want To Miss A Thing, Get RoaderEureka Park Preview: Roader Is The Time Machine Camera That Ensures You Won’t Miss That Important Moment.

roader-ces2018-eurekapark-top If You Don't Want To Miss A Thing, Get Roader

We have cameras, electronics and recording devices with us 24/7 but undoubtedly, for some reason or another, we miss that one opportune video.

It could be our baby’s first steps, or an incredible move in a basketball or football game, whatever it is, you don’t want to miss it. For Dutch entrepreneurs and technologists; Sjoerd Pitstra, Wouter Woudstra and Joost Godee, that moment was when a meteorite hit the Russian Ural in 2013. Even with smartphones in hand, the big moment was missed because they weren’t ready.

That’s why they created Roader the world’s first time machine camera. With Roader, you can hit a button and relive the previous 10 seconds and record the next 10 seconds in the future. Now if your baby says “daddy” or “mommy” for the first time, and you didn’t have the camera out, with Roader, you’ve got no worries, it’s captured.

ovie-ces-banner-720 If You Don't Want To Miss A Thing, Get RoaderRoader is a well designed body camera that looks good with whatever you’re wearing. It automatically erases and re-records over footage you didn’t need to save, but when the time comes, you’ve got your own instant replay you can go back to.

The Amsterdam startup has already turned heads with their technology at the TNW conference and at Pioneers 17. While other companies have tried to bring similar products to market, Roader is succeeding because it’s so easy to use. Literally, if you miss a big moment, you can hit the Roader button and go right back to it.  Then you can use Roader’s app, save it to your phone for retrieving later, or instantly share it to all of the important social media networks.

Travel back in time with Roader at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th, in Eureka Park, booth #51522 and online at roader.com 

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