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CES 2018: Travis The Translator Is A Must Have For Any Traveler

we-stream-ces-banner CES 2018: Travis The Translator Is A Must Have For Any TravelerEureka Park: We Used Travis The Translator All Week and It Works, Flawlessly


We’ve been attending CES as media since before Thedroidguy.com days. All in all this is our fourteenth year at the largest tech conference in the western hemisphere. It was our 6th year spending most of the week long conference in Eureka Park, the startup conference within the conference, held in the basement of The Sands.

Eureka Park houses over 800 startups from 40 different countries. This means you can see some amazing technology, but at the same time you may run into a language barrier.

Back in December when we first reported on Dutch startup Travis The Translator, they reached out to us to thank us and we came up with an amazing idea. We would test drive Travis for the week so that we could communicate better with some of these startup founders.

Travis’ onboard speaker is perfect for one on one conversations, and even small group settings. We took a meeting with a French startup and with four people present it did just fine. Naturally though, the speaker wasn’t loud enough to include in video coverage because it’s so loud in Eureka Park. But in meeting after meeting with startups from across the globe, Travis performed flawlessly.

He needs an internet connection and it has 4G/LTE except there was an issue with US based sim cards, which the team is working feverishly to address. But it worked just as good connected to my iPhone or iPad and even the conference wifi.

When you start Travis up you select the language you’re going to speak and the language it needs to be translated to, and vise versa. When the two countries are selected you just push an arrow button for which person is talking, speak into Travis in your normal voice and voila. Every founder we spoke with was very impressed with how great Travis did his job.

We had some fun with Travis and tried to learn some curse words but they were translated into stars, which was quite humorous.

We will be using Travis next month in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress and we’re expecting equally great results. Check out our video interview with Elissa above and for more information visit travistranslator.com

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bonaverde-ces-banner CES 2018: Travis The Translator Is A Must Have For Any Traveler


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