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Travis Speaks 80 Languages So You Don’t Have To, Meet Travis Translator At CES 2018

habitaware-ces-banner-720 Travis Speaks 80 Languages So You Don't Have To, Meet Travis Translator At CES 2018Eureka Park Preview: Travis Speaks 80 Languages So You Can Go Global and Speak Local

travistranslator-ces2018-eurekapark-top Travis Speaks 80 Languages So You Don't Have To, Meet Travis Translator At CES 2018

In about six months you’re going to want to take this guy, I mean this device called Travis with you, everywhere you go when you’re traveling internationally. Travis will be more popular than even those plug adapters for other countries. Why?

Imagine if you could have a real life translator who spoke 80 different languages, travel with you everywhere you went. In order to do that you would need to be really really rich, and chances are you’ll never find a translator that knows as many languages as Travis does.

Over 50% of Americans who travel internationally, go to more than one country on their voyage. For many international travelers it’s the same thing when they are traveling to America. Say you went on a European trip, you may want to go to Germany, France and Italy. All of those countries speak different languages, which is going to mean a really heavy suitcase filled with language dictionaries or a whole lot of Rosetta Stone time.

That’s why a startup from The Netherlands created Travis the Translator.

travistranslator2 Travis Speaks 80 Languages So You Don't Have To, Meet Travis Translator At CES 2018Travis is a pocket sized translating device, a little smaller than an iPhone X. Travis knows 80 different languages and is able to translate in real time in multiple languages. Travis even takes into account dialects and inflections, something that you won’t find in any other translator. With Travis you start your conversation in your native language and let it know what you need to translate it to. It facilitates a real time, two way translation so that both participants can interact, and have an actual conversation.

Travis currently speaks in 80 different languages but the team behind Travis is constantly innovating and hopes to eventually add more languages, more voices and maybe even translate full paragraphs in one shot. Right now it’s the only device that can translate for a real time conversation. It does this through artificial intelligence, Travis gets smarter and learns more as yo use it to talk more. It’s packed with a quad core processor in it’s brain to help get instant results so there’s no lag in your conversation.

Travis is great when you meet new friends abroad, when you’re looking for directions or even trying to order at a restaurant. You can even use it checking in at the hotel or buying tickets to a theater. Even though it’s small enough to fit in your pocket, it’s loud enough that the person you’re talking to doesn’t need to strain.

You can meet your new international traveling companion, Travis, at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #51522. Don’t worry that they won’t be able to understand you at their booth, Travis will be there helping them out. You can also find Travis online at travistranslator.com

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