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Is It Possible To Make Better Lifestyle Choices Based On Your DNA? Find Out At CES 2018

dnanudge-CES2018-EurekaPark-top Is It Possible To Make Better Lifestyle Choices Based On Your DNA? Find Out At CES 2018Eureka Park Preview: dnaNudge Wants To Nudge People Into Making Better Lifestyle Choices Based On Their DNA

Technology is opening the eyes of the world into DNA. 23andme was one of the first startups to take DNA into the mainstream. Their testing kit has helped millions of people trace their roots back using DNA. In fact it’s so popular there’s even a Black Friday special on testing kits.

But what else does DNA offer?

According to Professor Chris Toumazou and Dr. Maria Karvela, DNA could help people make healthier lifestyle and buying choices. dnaNudge harnesses the principles of “nudge theory” (“nudgenomics”) to power better lifestyle choices based on an individual’s genetic makeup.

dnaNudge uses proprietary DNA semiconductor technology along with innovative genotyping techniques along with Dr. Karvela’s world first database that matches nutritional values of manufactured food products with genetic characteristics. The results are far deeper than identifying food allergies. Users will be nudged to eat the things that will fit them best. dnaNudge makes completely personalized recommendations towards healthier choices. It does this through a wearable device or a mobile app.

Here’s how the company describes it:

“At a retail counter, consumers will select a DNA cartridge and input saliva via a cheek swab. The cartridge is inserted into a portable purpose-built analyser. Minute quantities of DNA will then be automatically analysed within about 15 minutes. The results, which are entirely confidential to the user, are transmitted to the dnaNUDGE cloud database via blockchain security. These are then analysed using a secure mobile phone app which personalises your shopping experience with bespoke “scan and shop” recommendations of the products that are genetically optimal for you – at the touch of a button, and in the palm of your hand.” neodrum reported.

We researched a bit and discovered that dnaNudge is the only company in the world that is making technology commercially available that does anything with DNA outside of identify people’s origins and other biological markers.

Come hear from dnaNudge about their breakthrough technology at CES at the Digital Health Summit booth #43028 and in Eureka Park at booth #52717. You can also check them out online at dnanudge.com 

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