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Eureka Park Preview: Give Voice With VocalID

vocalID-EurekaPark-top-1 Eureka Park Preview: Give Voice With VocalIDPeople Can Now Give Voice With VocalID and It Too Is Life Changing

For decades you’ve been able to give blood, plasma and kidneys to help improve someone’s life, even save someone’s life. Whether they need blood because of a car accident, disease or other condition, your donation improves life. Same goes for plasma and of course for kidneys.

Now thanks to an amazing woman entrepreneur, named Rupal Patel you can donate your voice and change someone’s life.

There are millions of devices out there today that are using some kind of chopped together, robotic sounding voice in their AI and assistant programming. Millions of people a day talk to Susan Bennett the voice behind Siri. But even as refined as Apple has made it, it’s still pretty choppy.

So wouldn’t it be cool if we told you that what Patel has done is created a voice bank that could be used for personal technology… but this story is actually a whole lot better.

There are over 10 million people that have conditions like Cerebral Palsy, brain disorders, and other speech impairments that prevent them from speaking. Technology has done amazing things in the past ten years that have allowed people that can’t speak to have a voice. But even people with vast access to resources like Stephen Hawking, still communicate using devices with these choppy, nondescript, robotic sounding voices.

What Patel has done is created VocalID which is a voice bank where anyone can record the voice and at it to the bank. Those voices can then be used to give people who can’t use a voice of their own a more human voice. People can pick a voice that better represents their represents their personality, or their age.

In the video on their website a young girl named Maeve isn’t able to speak. She uses a tablet application to spell words and sentences and until now, a computer sounding voice spoke for her. Now, thanks to VocalID her own voice has been matched with other girls voices to create a voice all her own. Maeve’s father says that for the first time since she was born, she was finally able to really say “I Love You”.

VocalID can provide voices for those who can’t speak for themselves and it’s crowdsourced globally. Yes the technology can be used to power any text to speech device and the potential reaches well beyond it’s current use.

VocalID has three main areas, BeSpoke, The Human VoiceBank and Voice Backups.  BeSpoke is the technology being used to empower text to speech devices with natural, unique personalized voices. The Voice Bank is where anyone in the world can add their voice to the global voice bank where it can be used as part of BeSpoke.

The last part, Voice Backups, are where people can preserve their own voices that may be lost over time to degenerative diseases like ALS and MS.

I opened the story with a pretty powerful comparison. With VocalID and the Voice Bank people can donate their own voices. When their voice is used to help someone who can’t speak for themselves it can breathe new life into them. It also can literally save and improve people’s lives.

Check out this amazing technology and add your own voice to the Voice Bank at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, Booth #50322 and online at vocalid.co 

Nibletz-EurekaPark Eureka Park Preview: Give Voice With VocalID