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Eureka Park Preview: WanderWatch Is The Smart Watch Kids and Parents Love

lifedoor-cesbanner-720 Eureka Park Preview: WanderWatch Is The Smart Watch Kids and Parents LoveDutch Startup WanderWatch Makes The Smart Watch For Kids, Super Cool.

wanderwatch-ces2018-eurekapark-top Eureka Park Preview: WanderWatch Is The Smart Watch Kids and Parents Love

There are some great startups from The Netherlands headed to CES 2018’s Eureka Park. There’s Travis The Translator, a pocket translator that can translate 80 languages in real time. There’s also We.Stream from Mondicon, the first truly secure, accessible nearly everywhere, Wifi Hotspot. Now, thanks to our friends at Mondicon, we’ve learned about WanderWatch.  These three startups join over 50 more Dutch startups in the Holland Pavillion as part of Eureka Park.

But what makes WanderWatch so amazing?

Well today there’s no shortage of wearables that claim to help parents keep up with their children. Throwing a GPS chip and possibly a cellular transceiver into a wearable arm band isn’t exactly rocket science. To date, from a parenting side, the two smart watches for kids we like the most are LG’s Gizmo and of course the Apple Watch Series 3.

The LG Gizmo does exactly what it’s intended for. It allows parents and family members to keep up with their kids, communicate back and forth via text and phone (no smartphone required) and track the wearer wherever they are.  It’s a solid device but for the kids it’s kind of boring. There’s a game or two and some icon faces.

It’s a little much to get kids an Apple Watch series three. There’s the cost involved and it wouldn’t serve it’s purpose if a bad person were to steal the watch from the child before it could be used to track someone.

What WanderWatch has done has taken the smart watch for kids and incorporated all the functions that are important to parents. With WanderWatch you can communicate with your children through text or drawn messages. You can also keep tabs on where they are with GPS functionality and your smartphone. But that’s just the beginning.

WanderWatch enjoys taking children on outdoor adventures. There are fun sounds built in for when kids want to play cops and robbers or other outdoor active games. With the WanderWatch Magic Stone, kids can go on a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt looking for the stone that connects to the watch via Bluetooth.

WanderWatch’s games, chat function and camera take outdoor play time to new levels. WanderWatch creates an environment where children can take gaming outside.

WanderWatch is made out of kid friendly, safe materials which are rigorous enough to endure outdoor play time over and over again. The company also protects what’s inside the watch as well using the most up to date cyber security precautions so that no intruders get access to your child’s information.

WanderWatch takes you back in time, to a time where your children can enjoy playing outside for hours on end, and you know exactly where they are.

See the magic of WanderWatch at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #51522 and online at wander watch.com (make sure you Google translate, it’s worth it).

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CES-nibletz-house-banner-2 Eureka Park Preview: WanderWatch Is The Smart Watch Kids and Parents Love