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CES 2018: WanderWatch, The Smart Watch For Kids That Keeps Them Outside

we-stream-ces-banner CES 2018: WanderWatch, The Smart Watch For Kids That Keeps Them OutsideEureka Park: Dutch Startup WanderWatch Is The First Kids’ Smart Watch Designed To Keep Them Outside.

Smart watches for kids are gaining popularity. Most of these devices are less smart watch and more GPS tracker. The devices are great for kids to wear, tell the time and allow mom and dad to know their exact whereabouts at all times. It’s a safety net for when children play outside or walk away from their parents at a busy shopping mall, or a convention.

LG’s Gizmo Gadget is one of the more popular smartwatches for kids. It gives a child’s exact GPS location, allows them to communicate with their parents via short texts and even allows them to call, right from the watch. For the more chic parent, the Apple Watch Series 3 does the same things.

Ellie Karssemakers is a Dutch entrepreneur who also happens to be the parent of school aged children. She realized what many parents have realized and that is that, smart watches for kids are more tracking device and less fun watch. So she created WanderWatch.

WanderWatch has all the features that parents love, like GPS tracking and the ability to message their children. Parents and their kids can send back hand drawn messages using WanderWatch as well. But it goes well beyond that.

Karssemakers has integrated some fun technology into the WanderWatch. It all starts with imagination. Inside WanderWatch kids will find sound effects like sirens and the noises they would need to play cops and robbers. Kids can also play a sword game with WanderWatch. In this game kids can pick up a stick, a sword, a cardboard tube or even use an invisible sword and as they make the motions of sword fighting they will hear clangs that correspond with their wrist movement.

WanderWatch also includes a companion magic stone that kids can hide and try and find using Bluetooth technology.

When we spoke with Karssemakers at CES 2018 in Eureka Park she explained that once parents have the peace of mind knowing their kids are safe, they also know they are out having good, clean fun.

Check out our video interview above and for more information visit wanderwatch.com

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