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Eureka Park Preview: Wiser Systems Offers Amazing Asset Management Technology

wisersystems-ces2018-eurekapark-top Eureka Park Preview: Wiser Systems Offers Amazing Asset Management TechnologyWiser Systems Is The Wiser Way To Manage Your Inventory, Patient Care and Even Security.

A lot of the asset management technology out there is flawed. Companies will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on an inventory control system to find out they’ve had millions of dollars in shrinkage. Nursing homes and hospitals lose medical equipment, medication and even patients. Law enforcement, security personnel, even prison guards, fall off the radar sometimes. None of this is acceptable.

Using a meshnet based technology called Redundant Radio Localization and Tracking Technology, a Raleigh startup has created a system that can solve all of these problems and more. Wiser Systems is an inexpensive, accurate, and reliable realtime way to instantly determine the location of materials, inventory, important equipment and people, within a defined space, indoors and outdoors.

With Wiser Systems, asset management starts on-site with a mesh network that can granularly track inventory, or people as they move throughout a warehouse, manufacturing facility, hospital, nursing home, campus or even a prison. The system automatically logs the location of each item or person in real time and can provide alerts immediately if something isn’t right.

Alert notifications can come as a result of an inventory mix up or a scheduling change, or worse, a theft or some kind of dangerous situation. With Wiser Systems, knowing where your assets are at all times can lead to much better outcomes all around.

Wiser’s technology can easily be deployed in a hospital or nursing home setting to track expensive medical equipment, narcotics or even patients. If a nursing home has a patient with a memory issue and all of the sudden they walk away from the cafeteria, your security team will no instantly. Even more than that, they’ll know where Mrs. Smith ended up. With that, they can get her back to safety quickly.

Wiser can be deployed on any kind of campus to locate security personnel, or important materials. Museums can use Wiser as an extra layer of protection for it’s most valuable assets.

Wiser Systems integrates with GPS based technology for when important assets wander outside of the mesh network. From top to bottom, Wiser has your assets protected.

You can see why Wiser Systems is one of the best asset management tools at CES 2018 in Eureka Park, January 9-12th in Las Vegas, booth #51332 and online at wisersystems.com

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