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Eureka Park Preview: Wolfpack App, Finally An App For Motorcycle Riders To Ride Together

wolfpack-ces2019-eurekapark-top Eureka Park Preview: Wolfpack App, Finally An App For Motorcycle Riders To Ride Together


Motorcyclists Love Riding In Packs, Now There’s An App For That.

There’s nothing like taking the open road on a motorcycle. Riding across the country by yourself one time is on many rider’s bucket lists.  One of the other fun things to do with a motorcycle is getting your buddies together and setting out on a nice group ride. While motorists in cars might not be too favorable, getting a group of guys and gals together on a nice long cruise is thrilling and at the same time relaxing. Other than picking up the phone and calling some motorcycle buddies, or going to the local biker hangout there isn’t a really effective way of getting a group together. Until now.

A new app called Wolfpack has reinvented the group riding experience. With Wolfpack motorcyclists can plan rides, invite their pack, navigate together and communicate, all from your smartphone.

Jonathan Chashper, the founder of Maryland Startup, WolfPack systems is no stranger to startups and entrepreneurship. He’s helped startups grow in both Israel and the US, and in his free time he enjoys a good motorcycle ride with buddies. But as The Washington Post reported, riding could get frustrated, if you get behind, it can take hours to re-sync up with the group. Chashper experienced this first hand and created The WolfPack app.

WolfPack is the first app truly designed for motorcyclists to ride together. With the Wolfpack app motorcyclists can assemble a group of friends and invite them all to the pack ride together. Within the ride itself all of the riders can share the exact same GPS route. They’ve also incorporated a really cool “pack radar” feature which allows riders to see exactly where everyone is, during the ride. This feature is great in case you have a couple buddies that get lost, it even provides an extra layer of safety.

In WolfPack app you can set up predefined messages for easy, and safe communication between riders.

If you’re tired of the same stretch of highway you can check out other rides in the WolfPack community which will show you the route, points of interest and where there may be obstacles to look out for. Also, because there’s a WolfPack community you can make friends with other riders that like to ride together and when your buddies are busy, you can join somebody else’s pack.

WolfPack is all about creating a community of riders, safety and riding together.

Meet the Maryland Startup behind this awesome app for motorcyclists at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #52623 and find out more online at

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lifedoor-cesbanner-720 Eureka Park Preview: Wolfpack App, Finally An App For Motorcycle Riders To Ride Together