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From Jumping Out Of Airplanes To Fixing Healthcare, Joshua Lawton-Belous Talks Health Hat

health-hat-atxstartupweek-top From Jumping Out Of Airplanes To Fixing Healthcare, Joshua Lawton-Belous Talks Health HatWe Talk With The Founder of Bunker Labs ATX Startup, Health Hat At Austin Startup Week

Health Hat is on a pretty lofty mission. The Austin based startup, that recently completed the Bunker Labs Austin program, is “saving the practice of medicine, by fixing the business of healthcare.” As I said, quite a lofty goal. From top to bottom we are all aware that the healthcare system is flawed. Healthcare is one of the most debated topics outside of standing for the national anthem and President Trump vs Secretary Tillerson’s IQ. There seems to be no doubt that we have the technologies, expertise and smart people to execute on the healthcare side, but the business side is holding us back.

If there’s one entrepreneur that can take on this task, it’s Joshua Lawton-Belous and his team at Health Hat.

Joshua got his start like many young men. Not exactly sure what he was going to do with his life, he joined the military. Spending nearly a decade of service, combat tours and jumping out of airplanes, when Joshua went back to civilian life, he was just as confused about what to do next, as when he originally went in.

He told us during Austin Startup Week that when he got out of the military a buddy of his asked if he wanted to work at Oracle. When Joshua asked what Oracle did, his buddy replied “I think they do computers”. That’s like saying “I think McDonalds is in the food business”. Joshua didn’t know what to expect from the database giant but that job sent him on a new trajectory, eventually leaving Oracle for Booz Allen Hamilton, high level government positions and more.

The Texas native got his feet wet in the startup world through mentoring and investing and then decided to make a go of it himself. His startup, Health Hat, is a healthcare business intelligence tool that helps medical practices, big and small, discover inefficiencies and correct them. “when you walk into an emergency room there’s white boards with data everywhere, we want to take that data and make it actionable” Joshua told

That’s exactly what their doing. Ask around the Austin startup scene about Joshua or any of his cohort mates at Bunker Labs and they’ll tell you he’s one of those entrepreneurs that will give you the shirt off his back if that’s what you need to succeed. Joshua gives some great thoughts on the Bunker Labs experience in this video.

Check out the interview with Joshua, above, to learn more about Health Hat and check out 

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