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Dindr, Let’s Go Eat

dindr-atxstartupweek-top Dindr, Let’s Go EatWe Caught Up With Dindr At The ATX Startup Crawl

There’s a new kind of matching app in the iTunes Store that can help you make friends and fill your stomach. The Austin based startup is called Dindr and its all about meeting people to go out to eat.

Members of the Dindr community can set up group meals or group outings for dining. Then, complete strangers can ask if they can join for the meal.

While it may seem like an odd proposition at first, the company behind the app has already had over 1,000 downloads. People are getting to know one another and finding new interesting eating experiences and new food, and who doesn’t like food.  If you’re one for food discovery and restaurant discovery, Dindr could be the app for you. The greatest part is, yo don’t have to do it alone.

Dindr is the perfect cross between a restaurant and food discovery app and a way to meet new friends.

Dindr Founder Zachary Cassie says the app is great for folks that are new to town or traveling on business. Also there’s no requirement to go about Dindring alone. Say you and your wife just moved to town and there’s an Italian family style dinner on Dindr that sounds amazing, if accepted both of you can join that dinner.

Sure it sounds like Tinder but the only thing you’re swiping is food and there’s no pressure about your date. Dindr sums it up in four easy steps: swipe food, invite friends, match restaurants and make memories. What better way is there to make memories than over food.

With Dindr you can:

Discover & dine with chill / rad / beautiful / hungry people who like similar foods and activities in your city
– Make new friends over a spaghetti / tacos / ice cream / whatever you’re craving (we like BBQ this week)
– Explore and join meals being hosted in your city in real-time
– Host public, friends-only, or invite-only meals for others to join for an awesome meal-time adventure
– Plan a meal with friends or new people in seconds… SECONDS!!!
– Be part of our growing food community that values in-person interactions, not digital connections
– If you’re reading this while dining out, please grab the app, then put your phone away….
– Explore and discover curated restaurant pages so you always know where to go
– Avoid negative reviews and rants. We’re about positivity and bringing friends and the community together over good food.
– Support an awesome startup, local restaurants, and most importantly, your relationships, all in one app.

Dindr is available here in the iTunes AppStore and you can find out more at

Check out the video above from the Austin Startup Crawl.

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