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Liberwave Is The Uber For College Textbooks

liberwave-atxstartupweek-top Liberwave Is The Uber For College TextbooksAggie Startup LiberWave Is Attacking The P2P College Textbook Market

When it comes to college students selling books and other college material to one another, there’s a new game in town and they’re iterating faster.  Capital Factory startup, LiberWave is a p2p marketplace for college students to sell to each other.  Sure there have been a few startups that have tackled this issue but LiberWave has learned from those company’s mistakes and is growing and iterating rapidly. They’ve also found a way to make the p2p model safer for college students by offering a closed campus model.

LiberWave is available on some of the biggest campuses in Texas right now including the Univeristy of Texas and Texas A&M. Its a closed community where the exchange happens between university students on the same college campus. This, off the bat, makes LiberWave a safer place for peer 2 peer exchanges, similar to Unylingo.

Also the campus based nature of LiberWave means that it’s more likely to have a community of people selling and buying books that are actually in use. Once a buyer and seller agree on price the financial part of the transaction is completed via the app, through Stripe, adding another layer of safety.

We spoke with Jacob Reola the cofounder of LiberWave at the Capital Factory during the Austin Startup Crawl at Austin Startup Week. In the video above Reola explains that LiberWave is iterating faster than their competitors.  They’ve developed their platform at a breakneck speed. They’ve integrated with a payment processor and are already on a handful of big college campuses.

LiberWave is also looking to partner with various campus organizations where they can give back from on a per transaction basis, to student organizations. The first such partnership was with the Texas A&M Corp of cadets.

Check out our interview video above and for more info visit