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Maidbot Is More Than A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, It’s Set To Revolutionize The Hospitality Industry

maidbot-atxstartupweek-top Maidbot Is More Than A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, It's Set To Revolutionize The Hospitality IndustryWe Caught Up With Maidbot’s CTO David Moroniti At Austin Startup Week

A couple of weeks ago while we were perusing the startups set up in the entryway at Capital Factory during the fall Austin Startup Crawl we bumped into David Moroniti and the Maidbot. At first glance we thought it was a cool robotic vacuum cleaner, but that’s been done before. Companies like iRobot (Roomba), Neato and iLife already have robotic vacuum cleaners on the market. Heck there are already robotic lawnmowers on the market as well.

Austin is a very progressive startup city, they typically rank top 5 across the country and this year is no different. So what was the big deal with the cool Maidbot vacuum cleaner?

Well for starters it’s not for the home or the office. The Maidbot team has designed this robotic vacuum cleaner specifically for the hospitality industry and commercial cleaning applications. They aren’t necessarily looking to replace human workers, although they may contribute to reduced labor costs. What they are trying to do is change the hospitality industry.

When Moroniti spoke with us he explained just how competitive the hospitality industry is. Where there used to be just a handful of hotel brands two decades ago, today, you can travel to any city with more than 10,000 people and find a variety of hotels within every classification. Take a look at Trivago or and you’ll find that most of the hotels in the star class you’re looking for are priced within a few dollars of each other. Now, it’s truly about hospitality. Which can be broken down into these four main components:

  • comfort
  • convenience
  • cleanliness
  • Wifi

Ok we may have added Wifi because that’s a big factor for us but comfort, convenience and cleanliness all work hand in hand. Early and late checkin is dictated by how fast rooms can be turned. Cleanliness is the backbone to that.

So what is Maidbot doing besides providing a vacuum cleaner that can run itself?

They’re taking tons of data out of that amazing machine. How fast can the room be cleaned, how dirty is this typical room over another room, how fast can the common areas be cleaned, and much more. With this kind of data, housekeeping departments and management can take better control of their rankings, stars, reviews and scores.

When you look past the simplicity of the robotic vacuum cleaner you realize that another big factor for Maidbot is that they are freeing the humans up to do more meaningful tasks. Without having to worry about cleaning the floors the humans can work on more meaningful and enjoyable work. All the while, cutting the room cleaning time down.

We’re confident that the Maidbot isn’t the only thing we’ll hear about this brilliant Austin startup. Check out the video interview from Austin Startup Week above and for more information visit