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Tenavox Is The Help You Need With Commercial Leasing

tenavox-top Tenavox Is The Help You Need With Commercial LeasingVeteran Led Startup Tenavox, Is The Help You Need For Commercial Leasing

If you’re a small business and finally looking for office space, you quickly discover that commercial leasing is a whole different world from renting a house or an apartment. Nobody tells you that lease rates are negotiated on a per annum and at a cost per square foot, and that’s just the beginning.

So many different factors play into the lease rate for office space. $3.00 per square foot may seem like a great rate until you calculate that on a per annual basis. Add in fees for common areas, cleaning and other factors and you could be looking at a huge monthly expense.

Websites like Loopnet only offer businesses a listing of a property for lease. Tenavox wants to arm business owners with a whole lot more information.

Tenavox is a free service for potential tenants. They are a complete resource for commercial leasing that offers

  • leasing education
  • competitive analysis on potential properties
  • what you should be paying for a lease based on location
  • reviews of properties from other tenants/companies
  • factors like access to internet, safety and more
  • Vox ratings

With Tenavox business owners will go into lease negotiation armed with all the information they need to ask important questions and negotiate the best rate, oh you didn’t know that commercial leases were negotiated? This is your first time leasing?

Tenavox offers guides and information that you won’t find on other commercial leasing website. Marissa Limsiaco told us in the interview above that they are even working on an e-book that will give people new to commercial leasing, how to information on looking for the best property and negotiating.

Tenavox is available in Houston right now. They are opening in Austin in a little over a week and their next market is Dallas. After that the sky’s the limit. Tenavox is always free for tenants so if you’re in the market for office, commercial or industrial space, you can join today by clicking here. Check out the interview above.

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