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Course Evaluations Are Crucial, EvaluationKIT Makes Them Easy

We Spoke With EvaluationKit At BbWorld 17, About How They’re Simplifying The Course Evaluation Process

Course evaluations and student feedback are a critical form of professional development.  They not only help the instructor improve but they can improve the overall culture and quality of the school and the education available at the school. Teachers and administrators are always interested in student feedback but it can be difficult to procure.

Many schools, colleges and universities send course evaluations via email, and like most surveys they get ignored, either brushed aside to a later date that never comes or sent to the trash bin automatically. There’s not much that can be done to force students to open up their email and complete their evaluations outside of incentivizing the transaction which taints the results in the long run.

EvaluationKIT has created a web based tool that makes course evaluations as easy to create as using survey monkey, but with a variety of analytics available to the creator. For years the typical course evaluation looked very similar, regardless of where you went to school. Very little room was given for change, especially from course to course and instructor to instructor.  EvaluationKIT has made it easy to customize course evaluations tot he specific course or the specific instructor. Scalability makes it easy to send an evaluation campus wide or to just one class.

Outside of the ease of use the other driving factor behind EvaluationKIT is it’s easy integration to all of the top learning management systems including; Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Brightspace, Pearson’s LearningStudio and others. By integrating course evaluations through EvaluationKIT with popular LMS platforms, the evaluations can pop up in a students dashboard like any other assignment.

EvaluationKIT also offers a variety of customizations that you won’t find on any other course evaluation system including the ability for students to view results, the easy important and exporting of data, text analytics and more.

We spoke with EvaluationKIT’s Sean Steeves at BbWorld 17 as part of LMS week in the video above.  For more information visit