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BbWorld 17 Preview: Let eThink Education Do The The Moodling For You

Let eThink Do All Your Moodle Thinking For You So You can Concentrate On Instruction

ethinkeducation-top BbWorld 17 Preview: Let eThink Education Do The The Moodling For You

Moodle is the most popular LMS in the world. The open source learning management system is used globally by more schools, colleges, universities and businesses than any other platform. It’s open source nature is one of the reason’s Moodle is so popular. This means that every single day, developers are creating new products, plugins and services to make Moodle even bigger and better.

At the instructor/learner level and even at the administration and executive level, Moodle makes education look simple, organized and efficient. But they know that implementation and migration to any learning management system comes with it’s own set of headaches.  Teachers, professors, instructors and administrators want to be able to dive right into why they got Moodle in the first place, for learning.

That’s why Baltimore based edtech startup eThink Education, is one of Moodle’s top certified partners. eThink takes all the thinking about implementation out of your day to day worries. eThink knows the questions to ask and the answers to look for as new schools, campuses and institutions are being brought online with Moodle. The technical jargon can be a bit overwhelming, but eThink has been through it before and can outfit your school, campus or institution with Moodle, basically ready to go.

In addition to sorting out all the technical speak and getting your installation ready to roll you can count on eThink for unparalleled customer service. They have a track record of getting back to their customer tickets with a human response in an hour or less.

They also offer a more robust feature packed Moodle installation including:

  • Real time SIS/ERP integration
  • unlimited Moodle modules
  • cloud hosting
  • unlimited storage

After a school, campus or institution decides to moodle forward (you see what we did there?), eThink will be there every step of the way. Did you hear about a great new upgrade or version? eThink already knows and is already working on preparing your system for it. Do you have questions about the reports that are produced in Moodle? eThink can help with that too.

If you’re considering Moodle for your school or switching solution partners, visit with eThink Education at Moodle Moot as part of BbWorld 17 in New Orleans, July 24th-27th and online at