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BbWorld 17: Evaluation Kit Is Easy, Simple Student Feedback

qwickly-720 BbWorld 17: Evaluation Kit Is Easy, Simple Student FeedbackEvaluation Kit Is The Easiest Way To Get Student Feedback Right From  Your LMS Check Them Out At InstructureCon 17

evaluationkit-top BbWorld 17: Evaluation Kit Is Easy, Simple Student Feedback

Whether your school, college or university uses Moodle, Blackboard or Canvas, you know how the learning management system has changed the game for digital education and delivery.

For instructors and educators the LMS is the plan book, grade book, lesson designing system, content distribution system, assessment system and more. It means that in one centralized location, teachers and instructors have access to everything surrounding teaching and learning in their classrooms. The LMS was created to keep the student at the center of learning.

EvaluationKit is a platform that puts the teacher at the center of the LMS, even if it’s just for a little while. Teacher’s, educators, instructors, they all love professional development. As you get into higher education, students are more than capable of giving valuable feedback to their teachers, both good and bad.

For years, educators have been searching for the best way to open up that feedback loop from student to teacher. Emailed surveys have low open rates. Paper surveys end up in the trash. But what if a course survey could be given to a student right through the LMS right at the end of the course (or whenever the instructor sees fit).

proctori0-720x90 BbWorld 17: Evaluation Kit Is Easy, Simple Student FeedbackThat’s what EvaluationKit. They do one thing, student feedback, and they do it extremely well.

EvaluationKit is a fully hosted online course evaluation and survey system. The company offers a rich, feature packed platform for creating online course evaluations and surveys. The system is completely scalable. A physics teacher can send a survey or course evaluation to one class or a college within a university can send a survey to all of the students in the college. Heck the entire campus can receive a survey with customized, interactive questions that will only take a minute for the student to complete.

When the surveys and course evaluations come back, EvaluationKit offers a variety of data sources and analytics to give the teachers, instructors and deans office a snapshot of what’s going on in a single class, an entire school or the entire campus. From the snapshot the deans office or the instructor can drill down to see the underlying meaning of all of the data.

The best part is that EvaluationKit was designed with complete turnkey integration with both Blackboard Learn and Instructure’s Canvas Learning Management Systems. Students need not go outside of their familiar LMS to complete the surveys and course evaluations.

You can go hands on with EvaluationKit during #LMSWeek at Blackboard’s BbWorld 17 in New Orleans today through July 27th and InstructureCon 17 at the Keystone resort in Colorado July 25th-27th, and of course online at