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BbWorld 17 Preview: Examity May Be More Secure Than Taking A Test In A Classroom

Examity’s Authentication and Online Proctoring May Be More Secure Than Taking A Test In A Classroom

examity-top BbWorld 17 Preview: Examity May Be More Secure Than Taking A Test In A Classroom

Whether you’re a strictly online school, offer an online course or allow your students to take exams online, security and authentication is a challenge.

Cheating has been around as long as education has. Some students will work harder than actually studying for a test, to be able to cheat. It’s just a fact of life. When you enter online testing into the equation students look at it as an opportunity. Maybe I can get a friend to take my online test. Maybe I can use a second computer to look up the answers. Maybe I can switch tabs and research while I’m taking the test. If there’s a way to cheat, someone will find it.

Luckily, if there’s a way to cheat on an online test the folks at Examity have already found it and already prepared for it.

Examity is number one when it comes to secure authentication and online proctoring for online test taking. It all starts with the authentication process. Students will create an Examity account and in the five minute sign on process add security questions, a digital signature ID and upload a clear photo of themselves and their government issued photo ID. After their sign up is complete they will be able to go to their teacher’s course offering and select a time to take the exam online.

Exam Day

When it’s the specified chosen time to take the online exam the student will log in, and then be greeted by a 1:1 online proctor via their computer’s webcam. They will go through a computer diagnostic to make sure they are ready to take the test and the online proctor will verify the student’s ID. The online proctor will then survey the student’s test taking space by having them rotate their computer 360 degrees, you know just to make sure there’s no paper cheat sheets or other devices. Once the test begins the online proctor will disappear into the background and only interrupt the student if they see possible cheating behaviors.

Test integrity is crucial to online courses and online exams and that’s the one and only thing that Examity specializes in. They make sure the test is administered in a secure, authentic way without the possibility of cheating. Heck, with their thorough process there is less likeliness a student will cheat on an online exam than if they were taking a test in a classroom.

Examity integrates with all of the popular LMS systems including; Backboard, Brightspace, Canvas, Courseweaver, Moodle, Maplesoft, Pearson and Sakai.

You can check out Examity for yourself at BbWorld 17 in New Orleans July 24th-27th and online at