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16 People To Follow On Twitter For Blackboard World 2017 BbWorld 17

Follow These 16 Twitter handles to stay up to date with all things BbWorld 17

bbworld-twitter-fixed 16 People To Follow On Twitter For Blackboard World 2017 BbWorld 17

Blackboard’s annual convention is less than one week away. BbWorld 17 is colocated with their own DevCon, BbWorld Live and this year, Moodle Moot and it’s all happening in the Big Easy, New Orleans, Louisiana. The Blackboard Community, which is millions of users strong, comes together annually for the big event. This year there will be thousands of attendees, hundreds of hours of programming, and some of the best exhibitor partners and keynotes in the world of education.  Even former Second Lady of the United States, and huge lifetime education advocate Jill Biden is speaking. You don’t want to miss the action.

This year, Moodle Moot, the annual Moodle users conference, is being held alongside Blackboard World giving Moodle users to some of the great things happening around education in New Orleans.

Follow the 16 Twitter users below to stay up to date with the conference. This is a great list of 20 users sharing information for BbWorld 17, this list is not ranked in any way.

@Blackboard  is the official Blackboard Twitter feed. Keep them on lock all year long for everything related to Blackboard but right now follow them for the latest information, including official announcements from BbWorld 17

@Moodle Moodle users attending BbWorld 17 will want to keep up with Moodle as well

@nibletztweets consistently the number one source for edtech event news, follow us and stay informed as well

@shurrey Devcon 17 is a big part of BbWorld 17, it’s for those that are developing for and alongside the Blackboard platform. There’s a lot going on this year as part of Devcon including the winner of the Hackboard challenge. Stay up to date by following Blackboard’s resident Code Poet Scott Hurrey

@Qwicklytools creates great, easy to use and understand Blackboard tools. Check out our Preview on them here and make sure you follow them on the Twitters.

@jwadec Justin Carrell is the tech specialist at Tarleton State but also a sys admin for Blackboard. He’s also a prolific recommender of all things Blackboard tools.

@TweetsByVivek is the Director of Product Marketing at Blackboard so you can bet the farm that he’ll be sharing all of the greatness that is BbWorld 17, just don’t ask him to share any beignets

@dc_tech Don’t let Dionne Curbeam’s profile pic fool you, she’s all nerd when it comes to things edtech and Blackboard. When she’s not collecting squishy footballs, pens, hats, shirts and fans that plug into your phone, she’ll be tweeting like a mad woman about the greatness of BbWorld 17

@slrichter is a BbWorld 17 presenter, edtech advocate and Blackboard MVP, she’s also a doctoral student with a blog and some tips for BbWorld 17 right here. 

@Modolabs helps ordinary people make extraordinary campus apps. They also like to tweet about BbWorld 17 and edtech in general. We ran this piece on them, earlier in the week.

@jkacther74 I know we promised you last time we wouldn’t run another Twitter profile that says “thoughts/tweets are my own” but trust us follow Jason Katcher he’s a 10 year Xoogler and an EDU lead. As for “tweets/thoughts are my own”? Who else’s would they be..  wait don’t answer that, we figured it out, it’s the guy who takes random people’s luggage through security at airports across the country. But for real follow this guy for the latest in technology, edtech and BbWorld 17

@ritareyna5 Rita is a customer success advocate at Blackboard, and a true company lady. Follow her for all things Blackboard World!

@literarytech David Gibson is another great advocate for education technology and Blackboard. He seems to have a schedule chalk full of good speakers to watch at BbWorld 17 so follow him for his thoughts, and then have thoughts of your own!

@wirismath has made it possible to put equations, formulas and more right into your LMS. They make math easy for the LMS and easy on the teacher so the student can have more learning.

@GregVaBeach is a Catalyst Award winning Blackboard user and a huge advocate for Blackboard. He hasn’t been tweeting long and doesn’t have very many followers so do him a solid and follow him. He won’t disappoint.

@ATchapman is the office of Academic Technology at Chapman University. They’re participating in a panel discussion at BbWorld 17 and they tweet quite a bit about the event.

And make sure you stay part of the discussion by following and using #BbWorld17