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BbWorld 17 Preview: Intelliboard Makes Your LMS Smarter

Find Out How Intelliboard Is Making Your LMS Smarter At BbWorld 17/Moodle Moot

intelliboard-top BbWorld 17 Preview: Intelliboard Makes Your LMS Smarter

For those schools, colleges and universities using Moodle as their LMS, they know that it’s a powerful system. Moodle is a powerful open source learning management system that when implemented, can manage every function of a students learning. Millions of users know how useful Moodle is to education, regardless of size.

While campuses around the world are enjoying the benefits of Moodle’s LMS, they are also leaving a lot of data on the table. Data that could be very valuable to instructors and learners.

Intelliboard is a Moodle partner that makes sense of the data.  They deliver incredible real time reporting and analytics for any Moodle-based LMS to a single dashboard, empowering teachers, educators and decision makers with the information they need to make impactful decisions that will improve student outcomes.


Intelliboard’s intelligent dashboard is compatible with Moodle and Totara and helps educators and instructors unlock the power of their data. With the dashboard instructors can quickly move to focus areas that are important like; completion, retention, traffic, revenue and much more.

The data found in Intelliboard, can be visualized in a number of ways when using the dashboard. Intelliboard will help track and improve learner engagement. How long are students spending on certain items? Is the length of time spent correlating to results? How are they accessing external data? Intelliboard can answer all of these questions and more.

Instructors can even use Intelliboard to identify at risk learners.

Learners themselves get their own dashboard. Their dashboard allows  them to look further than numerical or letter grades. How are the learners ranking in class? Have they completed all of their assignments and quizzes? Are they participating in all of the activities? How is the LMS data correlating with grades.

By giving students a transparent look into the data it keeps the instructors and the learners on the same page.

Check out Intelliboard at Moodle Moot, hosted by BbWorld 17 in New Orleans July 24-27th and online at