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BbWorld 17 Video: Go Deeper With Labster’s Virtual Lab

Labster’s Virtual Labs Make It Easier To Deep Dive Into Science

labster-ss BbWorld 17 Video: Go Deeper With Labster's Virtual Lab

Whether you’re studying chemistry or forensic science, Labster has a virtual lab simulation for you. The company has created a robust laboratory platform that simulates hands on science experiments and laboratory research, without the mess, the expense and in a fraction of the time.

We got a chance to spend some time with Labster at Blackboard World in New Orleans this week. We were amazed at how in depth their virtual lab simulations go. Covering a wide range of topics from general chemistry to forensic science, to even lab safety, the company has created a platform that’s part virtual lab, part research tool and feels like part video game.

Labster has spared no expense when it comes to creating as real an environment as you can get without actually going into the lab. You move yourself around as if you were in the lab. You’re responsible for making sure the lab is set up correctly, the supplies, chemicals and equipment you need are present and that everything is functioning both properly and safely.

When students use Labster to conduct virtual experiments, if they mess up and mix two chemicals that could cause an explosive reaction, that’s just what they’ll get sans the actual harmful part. But when two chemicals react, smoke and explode, that’s what you’ll see right on the screen. If your chemicals spill in your eyes, you’re going to have to take a trip over to the emergency eye wash apparatus and wash your eyes out for twenty minutes, virtually of course.

This attention to detail sets Labster apart form other similar products. Integration with the world’s leading learning management systems (LMS) also set Labster apart. This means that instructors can assign a lab assignment, grade it and assess the student right through Labster and extract any grading or interaction with the student, right to Blackboard or Canvas.

We got a chance to talk with Labster. Check out the video below and for more information, visit