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BbWorld 17 Preview: Easily Integrate Streaming Media Into Your LMS With Medial

Medial Is Your Streaming Solution For Moodle and Blackboard Integration

medial-top BbWorld 17 Preview: Easily Integrate Streaming Media Into Your LMS With Medial

If you’ve been thinking “darn it would be nice if I could easily ad streaming video to my lessons on our LMS” than you’re in luck. Medial is the easiest tool to use when it comes to streaming media.

Medial is a video and media management system that provides an all in one solution that helps campuses handle the ever increasing demand for video.

Whether your school, college or University is looking to have it’s own YouTube like video platform, or you simply have teachers that want to have video on their lessons, Medial has you covered, for that and everything in between.

Medial functions like an enterprise version of Youtube. Colleges and Univesity’s can have their own place where students, and faculty can upload their videos while others can watch their videos in a safe, easy to use and familiar feeling environment.

In the world of virtual learning and LMS, Medial allows teachers and professors to easily add, and upload video to any lesson, assignment or presentation. Then, students can view the video right within the LMS whether it be Moodle, Blackboard or something else.

Medial also offers a very easy to use, intuitive tool for lecture capture. Whether the teacher is teaching for an online lesson or streaming the lecture being presented to a whole room full of students.

The Medial platform also offers a live streaming tool that’s as easy to use as Facebook Live. Users just click a button and they’re live to the audience that’s supposed to be watching. The live streamed videos are being archived in real time and available for immediate playback on demand as soon as the lecture is finished.

Like all Blackboard and Moodle partners, Medial is offering tools to make teaching and learning easier.

You can check out Medial at BbWorld 17 in New Orleans July 24th-27th and online at