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BbWorld 17: Moodle? Moonami Has You Covered

Moonami Can Handle All Of Your Moodle Implementation Needs

moonami-top BbWorld 17: Moodle? Moonami Has You Covered

If your college or university is considering Moodle’s open source LMS platform but you’re worried about implementation than Moodle partner, Moonami can help. Even if you’re already using Moodle you may want to consider Moonami for their commitment to customer service, learning and the Moodle community.

““The designation of Moodle Partner provides validation of our capabilities and will help propel our business forward by showcasing our expertise in providing mission critical Moodle services to organizations of all sizes and need.” Moonami President John Porten said in a 2015 release.

Moonami is a Moodle Certified Services Provider.  They handle all of the heavy lifting so that you can focus on integrating the learning part of the “learning management system” (LMS). They take care of things like security, server performance, hosting, backups and upgrades. Once you’re up and running you don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to the technical stuff.

moonami-ss BbWorld 17: Moodle? Moonami Has You CoveredBecause Moodle is completely scalable, Moonami is right there with you whether you have 100 students or 10,000. Their cloud based solution is completely scalable so as you grown, so does Moodle and so does Moonami.  Moonami can have your Moodle site up in running in minutes.

Not only does Moonami make it easy to implement Moodle for your college or university but they also offer training, webinars and “hyper responsive support” which is vital to the classroom environment.

Some of their capabilities include:

  • Theme Customization
  • Course Conversion
  • Site Migrations
  • SSO (Single-Sign-On Integration)
  • SIS (Student Information System Integration)
  • Plugin Setup & Configuration for Moodle sites

Moonami is also a Totara partner. If you’re using Totara you can count on Moonami for the same services they provide for Moodle.

When it comes to Moodle, Moonami has you completely covered. You can learn more about Moodle at Moodle Moot as part of BbWorld 17 in New Orleans July 24th-27th and online at