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BbWorld 17: Now, There’s No Excuse For Messing Up Students’ Names

NameCoach Solves A Big Problem For Colleges, Universities and Students’ Names


Indian comedian Vir Das does this insanely funny bit about being an Indian in America and how teachers always butchered his, and his friends names. Although the bit is funny as heck, and the mispronunciation of student names isn’t typically intentional it can be embarrassing and disheartening, especially at an important event like commencement.

That’s exactly what happened to Praveen Shanbhag’s sister during her commencement. As her friends and family looked on and cheered for her, her name was mispronounced. While this may seem trivial to some, just think about that for a few minutes, students spend years in school, busting their butts, earning their grades, degrees and diplomas. As the end of the journey they receive their diploma, and their name is said aloud in front of a huge crowd.

Shanbhag says no more. That’s why he created NameCoach.

With NameCoach, students make an audio recording of their own name and upload it to the system. From there, the NameCoach recordings are integrated with learning management systems (LMS), so that the recordings can be used by instructors in every class and at important times.

namecoach-ss BbWorld 17: Now, There's No Excuse For Messing Up Students' NamesAt Blackboard World in New Orleans we met Ritika Dewan the Director of Partner and Community Development for NameCoach. Although written Ritika the T is pronounced with a Th sound. You wouldn’t guess that by looking at it but when you hear her say it, it’s a beautiful, elegant sounding name. It’s also not really complicated to say after you hear it a couple of times. That’s the ease behind NameCoach and exactly why it was created.

NameCoach is being well received by both K12 schools and colleges and universities. At the K-12 level pronouncing a students name can be very impactful. Imagine if you have a name that’s not easy to pronounce, what a difference it would make if teachers would have started calling you by the correct name in the first grade?

Now stop imagining and visit NameCoach online here at