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Panopto Is The Go To Source For Video On College Campuses

We Got To Talk With Panopto About Their Full Integrated Video Platform During LMS Week, BbWorld 17, InstructureCon

When Panopto first got started, they were the place to go for lecture videos. Their platform was originally designed to help colleges and universities with the lecture video needs. Instructors would want to video their lectures for remote students, or so that students in class could go back and watch key parts again to help with their assignments, tests and exams.

As Panopto began making their way onto college campuses they realized that colleges and universities, and even K-12 schools, had a lot of video needs that weren’t currently being met by the tools available.

They found the biggest needs, outside of lecture videos, were storage, cataloging, searching and creating. Now, Panopto does all of those things and does them well.

panopto-top Panopto Is The Go To Source For Video On College Campuses

Panopto has taken storage, cataloging and searching to the next level for colleges and universities. They can help a school or institution create their very own YouTube. Then, after creating a space to warehouse, store and playback videos they wanted to design a system that made it simple to search through videos.

Panopto’s robust search mechanism allow students and faculty to search the entire campus video library through search strings and keywords for anything, and we mean anything. Students can make a simple subject search or they can search through video to see what videos were about and anything that was said not only via the video’s audio, but also any words or topics put on the screen. This makes research and attribution for a student, simple, especially in the middle of writing a paper or studying for a quiz test or exam.

Through Panopto’s API’s the video platform can be fully integrated with the leading learning management systems like Blackboard and Canvas. This means instructors can link and embed any video on the school’s Panopto platform just as easily as they could if it was YouTube.

Check out our interview above with Panopto’s Vice President of Marketing, Ari Bixhorn above and for more information visit