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Proctorio Is The Online Proctoring Tool That Harvard Trusts

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proctorio-top Proctorio Is The Online Proctoring Tool That Harvard Trusts

Lately, we’ve seen our fair share of online proctoring tools. With more and more higher educational institutions turning to online courses, tests and exams, the need for online proctoring tools has grown. Colleges and universities need to know that the integrity found in the classroom is shared by students participating remotely, in any way.

Because cheating has been around as long as testing has, it’s important for institutions to stay at least one step ahead of the game.

Harvard University and Columbia are two of the most prestigious schools in the country. It’s extremely hard to get into either school and even harder to stay there. When Harvard and Columbia made the decision to start offering some testing and exams online they needed to have the best of the best when it comes to proctoring tools. They needed to uphold their institutional values that have been instilled upon their students for decades, even centuries.

That’s why the chose Proctorio.

“Proctorio levels the playing field for students by increasing accountability, deterring cheating, and promoting a culture of academic integrity while improving learning outcomes.” Judson Garret, Proctorio’s Director of Education told in an interview.

In addition to lightweight, but thorough tools that prevent cheating from going on, Proctorio is also committed to safeguarding students’ academic, personal and financial data. They’ve taken the Student Privacy Pledge along with 200 other edtech companies.

“As a fully-automated remote proctor, Proctorio overcomes the limitations of live online proctoring by offering a low-cost, scalable, and unscheduled proctoring solution. We also protect student academic and financial data in ways that live proctors cannot.” CEO Mike Olsen told us.

Procotorio is also scalable and isn’t just for midterms and finals. Teachers and professors can use Proctorio for all of their quizzes and all of their tests. It also doesn’t matter what time students decide to take a test or quiz. Whether it’s 1:00 in the afternoon or 2:00 in the morning. Proctorio’s Chrome based plugin is easy to use and if something were to go wrong, they have access to true 24/7 support.

Like other proctoring solutions Proctorio deploys several different technologies in monitoring for suspicious behavior. They actually never use the word cheating or cheater. Their system flags suspicious behaviors for the teacher or test administrator who can then go back and decide if the student was cheating or perhaps call them in for a discussion about it.

The company has an open AMA on Reddit where students can ask them anything (and they do). One student was worried about being nervous and constantly checking the clock on his computer. He wanted to know if this was labeled suspicious. The company explained that this behavior could have been flagged but the teacher could go back and watch the footage. Proctorio is only monitoring the students computer when the test is actually being taken. Once the student submits their quiz, test or exam Proctorio shuts down.

Living at the root of suspicious or cheating academic behaviors is the need for transparency. It’s obvious in everything that they do, that Proctorio is completely transparent with institutions, faculty and students as to how things work. It’s up to the institution or the teacher as to how much monitoring actually takes place.

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