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BbWorld 17: Student Pickup Redefined With The Quick Pickup App

Quick Pickup App Makes Student Pickup Safer, Easier and Quicker

quickpickupapp-top BbWorld 17: Student Pickup Redefined With The Quick Pickup App

A Brazilian startup is out to solve a headache known all to well to American parents. That headache is after school pickup and the dreaded car line.

Long gone are the days that a parent could drop their child off a couple of blocks from the school and let them walk the rest of the way. Also, long gone are days when a parent could send a note to the school asking that their son or daughter walk home earlier than normal for a doctor’s appointment or family business.

Now, when it’s time to pick the kids up, whether regular time or for some reason, early, most parents have to go through a CIA interrogation just shy of a retina scan. Now don’t get me wrong I have two young children and I understand safety. I’ve told my kids not to talk to strangers since they could speak, but I still wouldn’t want them to accidentally leave the school with an adult they never met, in the free candy van.

School’s are vigilant about student safety, especially when they leave school grounds, and for good reason. I want to know that my kids are safe and even if they were somehow enticed to leave on their own or with a stranger, that the school has mechanisms in place to prevent that.

One mechanism, that will undoubtedly make all stake holder’s lives easier, is the Quick Pickup App. Yup, no shiny crazy name, it’s WYSIWYG, the Quick Pickup App is an app to safely, easily and quickly pick up your kids.

quickpickupapp-ss BbWorld 17: Student Pickup Redefined With The Quick Pickup App

It’s so easy to use, they’ve nailed the process down to three steps.

  1. Parents quickly notify their school via the app that they are on the way in one click
  2. School staff know exactly when their children should be ready to be picked up
  3. Children are picked up safely and securely

It doesn’t get easier than that. The Quick Pickup App will know which parent or approved person is picking up the child. It’s ideal for early dismissal and after school programs, especially in school’s where the front doors remain locked.

The Quick Pickup App is a Blackboard Certified Partner and you can check them out at BbWorld 17 in New Orleans, July 24th-27th and online at