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BbWorld 17: Car Line Headache Saved By Quick Pickup App

Brazilian Entrepreneur Solves Global Car Line Headache

Leo Gmeiner is an entrepreneur and a father of three. With his youngest now ten years old he’s had plenty of opportunity to experience the headache that is early dismissal and the car line in K-12 schools. It’s not like when we were kids and parents could drop us off at any convenient street corner and pick us up in the same spot. Or god forbid we walk a mile and a half with a backpack filled with, well not school books anymore.

Ask any parent with school aged children though, and one of the biggest pain points in elementary education is the cluster **** that is the Car line. Parents across the country and around the world line up twenty, forty, even sixty minutes ahead of dismissal. Teachers stand outside in the heat or the cold with walkie talkies that barely work, and proceed to deliver children for “curbside” pickup.

At least in the U.S. most schools have some kind of wrap around driveway to facilitate this process. “In Brazil the problem is much worse. None of the schools have wrap around driveways, car lines can be five city blocks long” Gmeiner told us at BbWorld 17 in New Orleans.

quickpickupapp-top BbWorld 17: Car Line Headache Saved By Quick Pickup AppParents, teachers and administrators are craving something that makes this process safer and easier. Enter, Quick Pickup App.

The Quick Pickup App does exactly what it says, it makes pickup time for the littles, faster and safer.  The app assists in two main,  yet equally important areas, early dismissal and the car line.

For early dismissal, parents can just hit a button to let the school know they are on the way to pick up their child. Once someone in the front office verifies the parent or guardian and the child belong together, the child can leave school grounds. This eliminates waiting in the office for everyone to summon the child.

For the carline, Quick Pick Up App sets up a geofence around the school and as parents with the app, enter the geofence the administrators are alerted that the child’s ride is coming up in the carline. The apps cloud based database keeps an encrypted secure record of the child and the adults that can pick up the child. Validation via the geofence insures that the two go together just as good, if not safer than a parent hang tag system that most schools use.

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