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BbWorld 17 Preview: Make The Most Out Of Blackboard Learn, Qwickly

Qwickly Offers A Suite Of Tools To Maximize Blackboard Learn For Students and Teachers

qwickly-top BbWorld 17 Preview: Make The Most Out Of Blackboard Learn, Qwickly

Student learning is at the core of everything Blackboard does. That’s true for their application partners as well. Qwickly, an edtech startup founded in 2013, is one of those partners.

Qwickly offers a suite of productivity tools to make the take advantage of the robust Blackboard Learn platform. Qwickly provides tools making everything from email, to collaboration, cloud storage to attendance easier with Blackboard Learn.

Their first product, Qwickly, is a microplatform that makes communication across Blackboard easier. It also allows users to manage content in multiple courses and organizations. For efficiency and to save time Qwickly simplifies and can even automate repetitive tasks.  Qwickly makes it simple to post announcements, send emails and set course availability in one single hub where users don’t have to click through a dozen screens to reach their students.

Qwickly + takes the tools laid out in Qwickly and adds the ability to add documents, create assignments, post announcements and more to multiple blackboard courses through one single module/interface.  The Qwickly + Cloud tools adds compatibility with the most popular cloud based storage options like; Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox and more.

Finally, Qwickly attendance allows users to get an accurate attendance grade for each and every student. Faculty can use an on  screen tool to manually take attendance or put the responsibility in the hands of students by allowing them to “check in” to their class with their mobile device and a pin code. This saves the teachers and students time, which equals more time for learning.

Qwickly is one of those amazing companies that touches both sides of our verticals, startups and edtech. Qwickly is a Flashstarts company and a Cleveland startup. We’ve been covering Flashstarts since they flash, started.

You can check out the benefits of adding Qwickly to your blackboard suite at BbWorld 17 in New Orleans July 24th-27th and online at