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Attendance In Blackboard, Qwickly Has You Covered

proctori0-720x90 Attendance In Blackboard, Qwickly Has You CoveredBbWorld 17: Qwickly’s Attendance Tool Let’s Users Take Attendance Right In Blackboard Learn

qwickly-attendance-top Attendance In Blackboard, Qwickly Has You Covered

Qwickly has created a suite of productivity tools to maximize Blackboard Learn for students and teachers. The Qwickly platform helps teachers and instructors communicate more efficiently across Blackboard Learn. It also makes it easy to manage content across multiple courses and organizations.  It also simplifies tasks that need to be done repetitively.

Qwickly + takes the tools laid out in Qwickly and adds the ability to add documents, create assignments, post announcements and more to multiple blackboard courses through one single module/interface.  The Qwickly + Cloud tools adds compatibility with the most popular cloud based storage options like; Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox and more.

Their newest tool, Qwickly Jot makes it easy for teachers to create interactive assignments with drawings, graphs and other hand drawn illustrations. It also allows students to annotate assignments directly in Blackboard Learn using a cursor or tablet and stylus/pencil. Teachers can create the lesson by hand and students can complete it using their tablet or cursor in free hand.

One of Qwickly’s more popular tools is Qwickly Attendance. Qwickly Attendance takes the pain out of tracking and grading student attendance. Faculty can take attendance that is automatically graded in the Blackboard Grade Center. Teachers and instructors can use the on-screen attendance list or allow students to check in using their own device with a PIN and countdown timer.  The on-screen attendance tool allows teachers to take attendance via a full roster list of students or one by one as they call roll.

Qwickly Attendance also integrates with card reader systems which allows instructors to take attendance for large courses with a swipe or tap a student’s ID card.

Using the on-screen tool teachers can mark a student present, absent, excused or late. The tool also gives teachers a dashboard and reporting tools that give them a snapshot of a students attendance.

You can check out Qwickly Attendance this week at BbWorld 17 and online at