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Qwickly’s Matt Hadgis Talks With Us About All Things Qwickly At BbWorld 17

We Spoke With Qwickly Co-Founder Matt Hadgis At BbWorld 17 and He May Have Hinted About Canvas

We got a chance to catch up with Matt Hadgis, the co-founder of Cleveland Based Qwickly, at BbWorld 17. Talking shop, Blackboard and Qwickly Jot, with Hadgis was a nice break from the overwhelming number of proctoring, video and evaluation companies found within the 50+ exhibitors at Blackboard World in New Orleans.

Qwickly has created a variety of tools that make Blackboard even more learner centered and user friendly. But the booth at BbWorld 17 was all about Qwickly Jot, which we’ve already dubbed “the fun one”.

After losing a good number of shot glasses to an SUV misstep as they were unloading their booth, Qwickly set up their stand with “give jot a shot” hence the shot glasses and the reference to the new Qwickly Jot. Jot allows teachers to create assignments directly in Blackboard basically using free hand via an Apple Pencil, mouse cursor or stylus. Then, the same tool allows students to complete the assignment free hand.

qwickly-shot-glasses Qwickly's Matt Hadgis Talks With Us About All Things Qwickly At BbWorld 17The flexibility of Qwickly Jot is unparalleled in the world of Blackboard “Every Blackboard user that comes up and talks with us has another idea for a way to use Qwickly Jot” Hadgis told us.

From writing out long form formulas and equations, to circling states, to coloring the leaves on a tree, Qwickly Jot is more flexible than a piece of white paper.

They also used BbWorld17 to tell their users (and potential users) about the new Google Embed feature in Qwickly+ Cloud. This feature allows instructors to embed Google Docs (videos, pdfs, folders etc) directly into Blackboard.

In a phone interview a couple of weeks before Blackboard World, Hadgis spoke candidly about areas of opportunity to grow. He said that they would love to work on ways to make tools for museums and other types of learning facilities. With Canvas’s InstructureCon going on at the same time as BbWorld we asked him about Canvas tools and he didn’t rule out creating tools for other LMS platforms.

Then, as they were gearing up to head to BbWorld 17 their official twitter account tweeted this “Have a great week at #InstructureCon – hope to see you next year!”

qwickly-canvas-tweet Qwickly's Matt Hadgis Talks With Us About All Things Qwickly At BbWorld 17

At BbWorld Hadgis confirmed that they are looking into some Canvas tools. If that’s case, Qwickly will join a growing number of companies that have integrations, features or products for Canvas including; Proctorio, ModoLabs, EvaluationKit, ScanTron and more.

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