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Qwickly Jot, Create Assignments In Blackboard, It’s Fun

qwickly-720 Qwickly Jot, Create Assignments In Blackboard, It's FunQwickly Shows Off Qwickly Jot At BbWorld 17

qwickly-jot Qwickly Jot, Create Assignments In Blackboard, It's Fun

Qwickly makes a suite of amazing tools that help teachers, professors and administrators leverage the power of Blackboard’s popular Blackboard Learn LMS.

Qwickly’s world class tools allow users to create assignments that can be shared across multiple classes, connect Blackboard to popular cloud storage systems, take attendance right in Blackboard and more. The tools are powerful, easy to use and beautifull designed. They become a necessity to schools that use them.

“Teacher’s tell us all the time they can’t imagine using Blackboard Learn without our tools” co-founder and CTO Matt Hadgis told in an interview.

Hadgis told us that they’ve been very fortunate and have a great team focused on creating solutions for Blackboard Learn. Their team is able to iterate quickly.

“When we were building our attendance platform, we missed about 18 essential points for teachers. We were able to go back to the team and within 8 weeks get an update out with all 18 points built in”. Hadgis explained. Their Cleveland based startup still operates on the lean side and with that they are able to go heads down and churn out fixes, features and new products quickly or is it qwickly.

proctori0-720x90 Qwickly Jot, Create Assignments In Blackboard, It's FunThe Qwickly team loves what they do and they’re very good at it. Thousands of schools, colleges and universities are using Qwickly tools with Blackboard Learn. Blackboard even packages Qwickly in their k-12 package. “We have a great realationshpi with Blackboard, we love being part of  the Blackboard community” Hadgis said.

But while their tools are amazing and quite useful, they’re not exactly fun. That’s one of the reasons the team loves their latest product so much.

Qwickly jot is an easy to use assignment editor that allows free hand drawings to create assignments. Teachers can create diagrams, graphs, charts and more in assignments for Blackboard. Then with a cursor or a tablet, students can also write directly on the assignment.

“It can be as simple as circle the 13 original colonies, on a map” Hadgis explained. Or it can get more complicated like draw the flow of blood through the body and everything in between.

Qwickly Jot quickly eliminates barriers that were otherwise in place when it comes to the LMS platform. Jot makes the LMS more flexible than even a sheet of paper.

Try Jot out for yourself this week at BbWorld 17 in New Orleans July 24th-27th and find out more here at