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BbWorld 17 Preview: VoiceThread’s Multimedia Platform Takes Learning To New Heights

VoiceThread Makes It Easy For Anyone To Create A More Immersive Presentation

voicethread-bbworld17-top BbWorld 17 Preview: VoiceThread's Multimedia Platform Takes Learning To New Heights

There are several tools out there that allow you to create presentations. Tools like Haiku and Power Point make presentations easy but lessons can be a challenge. Although not designed for creating interactive video lessons, teachers and professors have managed to use these tools to hack together video lessons for years.

The folks at VoiceThread have found the ever so important missing link.

VoiceThread is a cloud based application that brings people’s images, videos, slides, audio, and text together in a new, highly interactive experience that can include narration and teaching.

In the classroom, VoiceThread can be used to create lessons for a class, complete with the instruction going slide by slide, image by image and video by video, explaining what’s happening. Teachers can annotate slides, images and other multimedia to give a much better and more thorough presentation. And, VoiceThread is out of the box ready for the flipped classoom.

VoiceThread is perfect for online instruction but teachers can use it for assignments that students can “take home” with them and conveniently go back to the instruction. Its like the days of the seminar which we rarely see anymore but can now be experienced in a 1:1 environment on a students laptop, smartphone or mobile device. Basically it allows the student to take the lecture home with them.

At the Higher Ed level VoiceThread is perfect for replacing text only discussions and creating interactive discussions. K-12 it’s perfect for the flipped classroom, student presentations and conversational practice. Teachers K-Higher Ed can enjoy the features of VoiceThread for professional development and more.

When you head over to their website for an even better understanding you’ll see that VoiceThread is also perfect for business. A wedding planner could quickly create a walk through video with pictures, designs, maps and more. A car dealer can do the same thing. The possibilities with VoiceThread are endless. VoiceThread is the missing link in presentation creation software.

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