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BbWorld 17: Formulas And Equations Integrated Into Your LMS, Meet wiris

Wiris Tools Let Teachers Bring Math and Chemistry Formulas, Equations and More Into Moodle and Blackboard

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As we were preparing to start our Blackboard World (BbWorld 17) previews someone wrote Moodle Math on one our white board. We searched and searched and couldn’t find that Moodle Math we were looking for. But we did find wiris.

Learning management systems like Blackboard and Moodle are awesome for English teachers, science teachers, social studies teachers etc, but when it comes to math and science, in most cases there are a few extra steps involved in getting those ever important formulas into lessons in an LMS. For years, teachers have created their own hacks to get formulas and equations into their teaching. Some teachers write them out and then screen shot, and then edit, and then paste into the lesson. Other teachers write formulas and equations on the board, take a pic with their phone and embed them.

wiris is all too familiar with that pain and has created a set of tools that integrate flawlessly and seamlessly into Moodle, Blackboard and other LMS to make the LMS as friendly to math and science teachers as it is to social studies and English teachers.

wiris allows teachers to handwrite their formulas and equations using a tablet or mobile device and directly insert and integrate them directly into their LMS. This allows teachers to create their lessons they way they want to and with very little friction.

“Derive functions, simplify equations, factorize polynomials and much more. Graph math expressions. Start handwriting functions and geometrical objects in your tablet. Prepare your class material, save the work and share it.” wiris says on their website.

wiris makes it simple for teachers to create tests and quizzes for their LMS and then grade those tests and quizzes, leaving the grades in their LMS gradebook.

Calculus, Trigonometry, and Chemistry are hard enough to master. wiris allows teachers to teach these subjects and more, the way they were designed, right within their LMS system. Now though, when you add in more STEAM/STEM initiatives and classes, the need for a tool like wiris is even greater.

wiris is always creating more features to keep up with the demand of today’s technologically driven classroom. Like all Blackboard and Moodle partners, they painstakingly tweak their tools to make sure students and learning are at the focus of the LMS.

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